Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Utah Jazz on the Simpsons

Wow.. the Utah Jazz can beat up some Mascots.. just not the Spurs... Owned.

This is the Spurs' House!!!

Well... a lot of you think the Spurs play dirty... that actaully might have some truth to it, but if the opposing team can't match the physicallity they deserve to be put out of the playoffs.
It's some what like a boxing bout... if the get punched, you come back with a counter-punch (NOT COMPLAIN!!! )and then block the next attack... the fact is, is that no one has been able to yet in these playoffs... the Spurs are knocking everyone out LITERALLY(I'll admit the Nuggets and Jazz have been the most physical so far, but the Suns went out complaining then got a sucker punch in the face)


Don't make me brng this one back Jazz fans

Yeah... that's right.

Will Ferrell is a Semi-Pro

WILL FERRELL is moving from the race track to the basketball court to star opposite WOODY HARRELSON in the sports comedy 'Semi-Pro.' Production Weekly reports that Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby star Will Ferrell is in talks to reunite with Old School screenwriter Scot Armstrong for Semi-Pro. The comedy, set in the world of 1970's basketball, started production in February in Minneapolis. The plot is Jackie Moon, the owner-coach-player of the American Basketball Association's Flint Michigan Tropics, rallies his teammates to make their NBA dreams come true.

This should prove to be another Will Ferrell sports classic just like Talladega Nights and the more recent Blades of Glory, which was amazingly funny.

Great Pics


Miss USA chokes like Tony Romo

Dedicated to Floyd Landis and the wonderful world of cycling

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today in Sports Nonsense

Why do crazy things happen in the hotels the Spurs have been staying in at road playoff games??? [THE SPURS KILLED A MAN (PROBABLY)]

Story in Game four [Frustrated Jazz Fan Throws Spare Wife Onto Court & Suckling at the Power Teat: Spurs Ready for Finals] a lot different than game three [Well, that was predictable]of the NBA Western Conference Finals... Greg Popovich is a mastermind genius, by the way. And a loser Utah Jazz fan's take on the whole deal (stop throwing crap on the court) [] and the [Salt Lake City news take] and finally a note to the FTT crew... I think you are right " if these guys weren't wearing your laundry, [I'd] pretty much hate them too, right?"... you might have somthing there [30 to 14, Or How The NBA Can't Take Off The Tin Foil Hats]

Come on Mark Jackson... Don't fall in love with Deron Williams yet [Entry Link]

Hancock family is being ridiculous [Hancock Family Sues the Entire City of St. Louis]... check this out really funny Simpson's clip... great

[Lakers' Owner Jerry Buss Goes Paris Hilton, Gets Arrested for DUI]

OVER-RATED [Andy Roddick Bounced Early From French Open Again]

(NOT ABOUT SPORTS)... Jon (from the Daily Show) on Russia's return to form:
"Over the last few months, as we've seen Russia commit political assassinations, suppress its media and rig elections, I can't help but think: they're back, baby! Do you think they'd want to get in the Cold War again with us -- because that war was awesome!"... nice

Anderson Varejao is Side-Show Bob

Today in Sports Nonsense

Formula One malay [McLaren Rookie Let Teammate Win Monaco Gran Prix]

MLS... Go FC Dallas!! [MLS Powah Rankings: Week 8]

Del Harris... one of the only Mavs I like [Del Harris Has a Great Job]

Summer NCAA Basketball news?? [Kansas' Rush tears ACL; may return by November]

LA Galaxy concerned over Beckham England recall [Story & FIFA: Release him]

Ugly scene in Utah due to classless fans

The San Antonio Spurs beat the Utah Jazz on Memorial Day evening (not quite the "Memorial Day Miracle" by Sean Elliot). This pushes the series back to San Antonio with the Spurs a chance to close out the series with their 3-1 lead.

Towards the end of the game, when the Spurs had put the game out of reach for the Jazz, within a one minute span both Derek Fisher and coach Jerry Sloan were ejected for excessive technical fouls. Obviously everyone for the Jazz was frustrated, but in particular were the Utah Jazz fans. Throughout the entire game the Jazz's fans were anything but classy.

Early in the first half, you could hear (on the ESPN broadcast) a fan was yelling offensive obscenities through a microphone at Spurs' players who were shooting free throws. The fans were also on the officials the entire game, yelling "refs, you suck!" at every chance they got. However, nothing compared to how livid they were at the end of the game. As the Spurs were walking off the court, the Utah fans started throwing debris onto the court that was directed at them and the refs. You could see debris being thrown at the Spurs as they were walking through the tunnels and off the court. Greg Popovich actually had to run back onto the court to grab Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili off the court as they were set to do post-game interviews with ESPN and San Antonio radio stations, according to ESPN's Michelle Tafoya.
Way to go Utah. I know that the Jazz are all you have up there, so I understand what die hard fans you guys are because I am from San Antonio and the Spurs are all we have, but you don't need to be classless. Show support for your team by appaulding them for their effort (which I believe was great) and don't "booo" the game and act like maniacs by throwing objects at players and refs.... that is ridiculous. By the way, the Jazz fans sure do have a lot of diversity amound themselves, as you can see by some of these pictures.
Images courtesy: Getty Images

Saab Performance Team - Gösteri ( )

Awesome car stunts.

FIFA bans "high-altitude" matches

The world's governing body of all things football (soccer), FIFA, announced this week that they are banning matches being played at stadiums that are more than 8,200 feet above sea level. The decision was made by FIFA's medical staff for the reason of protecting player's health. This new rule is most notable for countries such as Bolivia and Peru, which have some stadiums above 12,000 feet. Bolivia President Evo Morales says FIFA's decision to ban all international soccer matches above 8,200 feet discriminates against Latin America's high-altitude nations.

La Paz football stadium (Bolivia)

"This is not only a ruling against Bolivia, but against the universality of sport," Morales said following an emergency Cabinet meeting at the presidential palace in La Paz, 11,800 feet above sea level. "He who wins at altitude, wins with dignity," Morales said. "He who fears altitude has no dignity." Toluca press chief Mauricio Garduno said extreme heat and cold also create an advantage for some home teams. "When you play a match at 104 degrees, that's what affects players the most," Garduno said. This is why you should engage in online sports betting. "Altitude is not that important. If FIFA is going to consider that, it should consider other things, too."

Funny remark from The Jaunt:

I myself was affected by the high altitude of Bolivia's national stadium. I remember back in New York when I Watched Colombia play Bolivia on Big Screen T.V. I often felt dizzy and light headed with a sudden shortness of breath.

Sources: FIFA bans high-altitude international…, Bolivia: FIFA altitude ban discriminates…

Monday, May 28, 2007

LeBron James POSTERIZING Rasheed Wallace


Supposedly this is real [BOAR HUNTING IS A SPORT & Kevin Kolb Is Going To Be So Jealous], I don't know though, this is pretty ridiculous

Today in Sports Nonsense

On San Antonio Spurs game three loss [Pounding The Rock :: A San Antonio Spurs Blog, "Pop is screwing with us again]

Now two, not just one NBA series are alive (both Spurs-Jazz & Cavs-Pistons 2-1, which road team will actually win) [As Deron Williams Becomes A Superstar..., & One Series Is Alive ... Can We Make It Two?]

High named boxers tend to get a better pay day than MMA/UFC stars [On Payday, Boxers Pummel UFC Fighters]

Painful soccer moments [95 SECONDS OF SOCCER NUTSHOTS]

Kobe wants to bring back Jerry West and be in charge or he's out [Bring back Jerry West, or trade me.]

Owns non-clutch athletes [The Sports Bar: Big-time athlete who is essentially Anna Kournikova? ]

Another NBA Lottery conspiracy [10:25 AM - What Were The Odds?]

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kevin Durant and Greg Oden to be on USA Basketball squad

This is a story which I feel has been overlooked this past week, but is quite significant. On Wednesday, the NBA announced that eight more players be added to the USA Basketball team, which include Kevin Durant and Greg Oden. These two collegiate superstars will most likely go number one and two in the 2007 NBA draft and should add a significant boost to a USA team that has not performed up to par (winning every tournament they enter) the last several years. In addition, Carlos Boozer (Utah Jazz); Tyson Chandler (New Orleans Hornets); Kevin Durant (University of Texas); Jason Kidd (New Jersey Nets); Mike Miller (Memphis Grizzlies); Greg Oden (Ohio State University); Tayshaun Prince (Detroit Pistons); and Deron Williams (Utah Jazz) will all have a spot to the Senior National Team roster.

Players that will not be able to be on the team this summer because of injury (a reason for all of the additions) include: Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards); Joe Johnson (Atlanta Hawks); Brad Miller (Sacramento Kings); Lamar Odom (Los Angeles Lakers); Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets); Paul Pierce (Boston Celtics) and Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat).

Mike Krzyzewski (of Duke Univ.) is leading the USA Senior Team for 2006-2008, while Syracuse University (N.Y.) and Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim, Phoenix Suns head mentor Mike D’Antoni and Portland Trail Blazers head coach Nate McMillan will serve as assistant coaches.

Krzyzewski Said,
"As I said when we announced the first group of players for the Senior National Team, we’re not trying to put a collection of all-stars together but our goal is to put together as good of a basketball team as we possibly can. With the addition of these nine players, I believe we’ve strengthen our program in several areas, especially rebounding, defense and shooting."

According to USA Basketball Men’s Senior National Team Managing Director Jerry Colangelo,
"One of the reasons for forming and selecting a national team is so you have flexibility. It takes into account the fact that you may have injuries, there may be special circumstances where a player can’t perform, but yet you have other players to pull from. After the recent meeting our coaches had in Phoenix, we decided to add a couple of bigs, in particular for their rebounding and shot blocking abilities. We also decided to add some leadership in the back court and some shooters. We also recognized several players who had outstanding seasons and who we felt were deserving of this opportunity. "Greg Oden and Kevin Durant represent the class of this season’s college ranks and are certainly players we have great interest in, both for the present and for future USA Basketball teams."

New sports guy on Vs. network

Bill Clement owns new sports guy... Really funny. I don't know if he kissed his mother with that mouth on Mother's Day after that.

Today in Sports Nonsense

Good ol' Utah Jazz Fans [Hopefully, Tim Duncan Suffers From Cyanophobia]

Chuck Liddell (disappointingly) loses to Quiton "Rampage" Jackson [Chuck Liddell Loses to Rampage Jackson at UFC 71]

[Mixed Martial Arts Is Safer Than Boxing]

Upcoming movie with Reno 911 cast and Christopher Walken [BALLS OF FURY Trailer and Images ]

Funny [Every Headline Involving Chien-Ming Wang Is Hilarious]


Preakness 2007 - Running of the Urinals

This might be the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


New possible bi-weekly post where I make a post where someone or something gets incredibly owned... I think this one is a good one to start with even though it is not sports related... well maybe.

Today in Sports Nonsense

Coach Mike Brown of the Cleveland Cavaliers does a horrible job coaching in both game one and two of the Eastern Conference Finals. This is because his play calls, which he burns vital timeouts for, that consist of giving LeNike the ball 35 feet from the rim and going against five of the best defensive players in the league. Those timeouts that he burned would have given the Cavs a final chance at a three pointer to tie in both games. [Coach Mike Doesn’t Do His Job, Coach Mike is awful, or why Brown didn't order a shot earlier in the clock so they could've extended the game: Kwick Kav Kvetch]

Indy Ladies [YES, NO, NO, NO, YES & Fan, Start Your Interest! Please? ]

More on Hetero Brady Quinn [The Rules Have Changed]

This is Awesome... Bicycle Soccer [BICYCLE SOCCER IS... BICYCLE-Y]

[Michael Vick Hosts Night of Midget Fighting At His Virginia Home]

All of the old boxing geezers hate this new sport that is dominating them (note I like both boxing and MMA) [Lou DiBella Plays the 'Human Cockfighting' Card]

At first this appears to be Lebron throwing a ball straight at a fan, but most likely he is doing one of those And 1 Street Ball moves... PROFESSA! [LeBron Throws the Ball at a Woman Sitting Courtside]

Ron Artest on Tim Duncan

"I remember one time Kevin Garnett was mushing him, and shoving him in the face; and Tim Duncan didn't do anything, he didn't react. He just kicked Kevin Garnett's ass, and won the damn championship. You know what I'm sayin'? That's gangsta. Everybody can show emotion, dunk on somebody, scream and be real cocky; but Tim Duncan is a ... he's a pimp."

-Ron Artest

Friday, May 25, 2007

Great Pics

Well TNT Fails Again

Ok TNT, I get it. I get that the play by Lebron at the end of game on of the Eastern Conference Finals was a big deal and we need to talk about it over and over and over again until we kill it, but here is one thing I just do not understand. Tonite, during the game two pre-game they (Barkley, Magic, Kenny Smith) failed to mention anything about that dirty play by Lebron James when he came down on Chris Webber with an elbow after a jump shoot.

So, let me get this straight. It's ok to focus on how "dirty" Bruce Bowen and the San Antonio Spurs are and the plays that they did in the series against the Suns, which are just as bad as what Lebron did to Webber, but when its Lebron, "the face of the NBA," they are afraid to even discuss the play. Maybe it's because Chris Webber took the shot like a man and didn't really complain about it while Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns whined like little babies and focused more on how the Spurs were being "dirty" (actually beating them down physically) than how they were playing the game of basketball.

Magic Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley are the biggest tools I have ever seen. They were so quick to talk about plays that Spur's players did (Bowen and Horry) and not Lebron, even when they were less than or equal to the dirtiness of what Lebron did, a "Kobe!" Now, I know the Pistons took it more like men then the Suns, but just because Steve Nash and Stoude-whiner complained more than they beat the Spurs doesn't mean that the media can not be objective and discuss something negative that the NBA poster-boy did (which should have earned him a suspension). WAY TO GO TNT. Extra note: Ernie Johnson was not the host tonite on TNT, it was some other guy, maybe he would have said something. Then again the NBA probably told them not to because it might have tarnished Lebron's image as the NBA's face.

John Amaechi on The Colbert Report

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today in Sports Nonsense

Watch out for those counterfeit NBA jerseys [Fans Beware: Don't End Up Being the Idiot Who Purchases a Piss-Ons Jersey ]

JoePa cracks down [Joe Paterno Wants Nothing More Than a Clean Beaver ]

Jones Soda: Are you serious? [SEAHAWKS GET BOOST FROM TURKEY SODA]

Cuban's ridiculous take on the NBA Lottery [My take on the NBA Lottery]

New mascot for the Steelers [Ms. Closkey's]

Lebron James unnatural act

Are you serious??? Lebron seen here throwing an elbow after a jump shot on Chris Webber's head. Can anyone say, "KOBE!!!" Why in god's name is he not suspended for this. Kobe was suspended twice I believe this year for the exact same move. Maybe Lebron is too important for the league and Stern has to take that into account when he interperates these rules... I guess Amare and Diaw aren't as important as King James. Way to stick to some rules on some players.

Mark Cuban Wants Michael Finley?????

Just when I think Mark Cuban can't go any lower he ends up surprising me, and all of us. According to the Fort Worth based newspaper, the Star-Telegram, he said that he wants Michael Finley to consider coming back to the Dallas Mavericks after the 2007 expires. How ridiculous is this? Michael Finley, the backbone for the Mavs for the past decade, was basically stabbed in the back and was told to leave even though he would still be the highest paid Mav being that they still owe him around $18 million (more than good ol' dirk) for 2007. Good business decision Cubes.

This is Yahoo "NBA Rumors" take:

After all that's transpired between the Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs guard Michael Finley – the Mavs releasing him after nine seasons to avoid paying a massive, self-induced salary-cap penalty, to Jason Terry's infamous punch to Finley's groin and Mavs owner Mark Cuban's reactionary endorsement to boo Finley – Cuban said he'd like Finley to consider a fresh start up north.
"I would hope that after his contract is over in San Antone, he would consider the Mavs as an option," Cuban said Monday. "I don't know that he would, but our entire organization has that much respect for him."
Finley has one season left on his deal, a player option, which calls for $18.6 million in Mavs money and $3.1 million from the Spurs.

Here are some interesting responses to this:

1. Oh now you want him. Well guess what? He's gonna get a Championship here in SA and he's goin to retire a champion here in SA. He deserves to retire from a classy organization, nothing less, and you Mr. Cuban are considerably less than that. The Mavs would have no class, if AJ weren't the head coach. Thanks but no thanks, Fin is here to stay...and win!

2. Mark Cuban has negated all of Avery Johnson's hard work, image-boosting, and character-building. Cuban has made would-be supporters into enemies, that's why everyone was going for Miami last year in the finals. I have heard over and over from Dallas fans that the Spurs "got the Mavs' trash" with Finley, and that he was "worthless." He has been put into a positive environment where he can excel as a player with San Antonio. I hope Finley retires with San Antonio.
Sources: Star-Telegram & Cuban wants Finley back with Mavs (Yahoo! Sports)

Comments on the Spurs

Interesting thoughts by an obvious Spurs fan... Very very true!

Erik said...
you know aaron, as more people complain about the spurs - jazz series being extremely boring, I am coming up with two thoughts:

1. Game 5 was an obvious example of a problem that Phoenix, in 3 years time, hasn't addressed, their lack of a bench. I mean, it's tough to listen to people say that Nash and Co. was worn down from Game 4 because they only had a 6 man rotation. Well no s***. I know it's the playoffs and less people play, but come on. This seems to be a result of them not developing any players past the 7-8th spot on their bench. Tough shit.

2. I feel like the Conference Finals that everyone finds boring is a direct result of everyone's dream series where the Mavs lost to GS. Once GS won, it was obvious that either Houston or Utah was going to be in the Finals because GS hadn't had much success against anyone other than Dallas. So to me, what would you rather have? A opening round series with a historical upset or a Conference Finals that was going to lopsided no matter if it was SA or Phoenix playing the Houston/Utah winner. F*** people who are giving up on the NBA because the Spurs won and the East sucks. If this was Jordan's Bulls or the Lakers of 00-02, this would be considered one of the greatest playoff runs going that could one day be one of the best teams to win the championship.

Then again, I don't give a f*** because I'll get to wear another Spurs NBA champion tshirt and tell Mavs fans that they suck. I love life.

Great Pics

(Yao Giving Birth)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Whooooo North Texas Super Bowl

Well, good ol' Jerry Jones is gonna be puttin' on a show in 2011 in the new Dallas Cows' stadium in Arlington (in between Fort Worth and Dallas). The Votes are in and North Texas has the 2011 Super Bowl, most likely due to the strings Jerry pulls with big league owners and league officials as well as the possible revenue due to the amazing new stadium. I wonder what the half time show is going to look like? I'm assuming that they're going to perpetuate the ongoing stereotype of all Texans wearing cowboy hats and big ol' boots... that just sounds fun right.... I can't wait until this whole metroplex (I live in Dallas / Fort Worth) is overrun by the nation's finest.... GET 'ER DONE!!!!!

With this "victory" for Nor Tex, somebody has to lose... [Indianapolis Loses Super Bowl... 45]

This is how excited the "chicken fried nation" (DFW) is...[NORTH TEXAS WILL HOST SUPER BOWL IN 2011!]

The NBA Lottery

The NBA Lottery was held tonight and neither the Memphis Grizzlies or the Boston Celtics were granted the top one or two picks. This meaning that neither would get the prizes of NCAA stars Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. The first pick went to Portland followed by Seattle then Atlanta, then... oh who cares. I believe this is deserved by Memphis and Boston because both of them definitely dropped games towards the end of the season to increase their odds of getting the top draft pick... well didn't quite work out.

David Stern gave his input, as well, this evening on a number of issues including the NBA Lottery and the suspension handed out during the Western Conference semifinals. Stern said about the lottery,

"I haven't spoken to a lot of owners," Stern said. "On the end of the season and what teams do competitively, I think we should look at the lottery system and see whether it can be improved. I believe that."

Others were also passionite about the lottery,

"It's a system that favors teams to not win games," Philadelphia 76ers president and general manager Billy King said. "I think any time you have a system like that, it's not good for the league. It's something I'm sure that will be brought up and discussed and debated."

Then Stern spoke about the suspensions,

"I've been commissioner for 25 years almost," Stern said. "...You enforce the rules as you see them. And one of reasons the rule is in effect is that we guard zealously the court. We want our fans to be able to have the best seat in sports and we want them to feel safe."

I don't really know where to end this, obviously it's not going to be on a high note, but go NBA... I guess.

Oh yeah... and first pick is definitely Greg Oden and the west is just going to keep getting stronger, being that Portland and Seattle have the first two picks. Spurs still dominate though.

AP Source: [David Stern defends suspension rules, but wants to examine lottery]

Karma and what the Celtics definitely deserve [Take A Dive. You Get Five.] & [Boston Is Blazin' Mad (NBA Lottery Blog)]


Breakdance goes horribly wrong
I honestly don't even want to post this, but are you serious, this is ridiculous.

Come on... you can't not laugh at this one

It is actually better than it looks here because it is animated, but can't get it to work for blogger.


Top 10 Champions League Goals 2007

On the eve of the biggest game in the world, lets take a look back on the best goals of this year's UEFA Champions League. Tomorrow it is Liverpool vs. AC Milan in Athens for champions of Europe. No predictions here, just hop no penalty kicks.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

DON'T BE MAD STEVE NASH... Parker between Okurs legs to ginobili


Today in Sports Nonsense

The New New York Red Bulls Stadium [What a Messy Situation]

Cavs loss, Lebron stinks? [Marshall, Marshall, Marshall]


More on that Steelers porn email [Steelers O-Line Coach Avoids Serious Punishment For Porn E-mail]

I don't think Michael Vick even know what exonerated means
[Michael Vick, Will You Be Exonerated? 'No Comment']

Does A-Rod have a problem?? [A-Rod Digs Deep Within]

LeDirk James

LeDirk James, oh oh... I must have meant Lebron James. I mean, I guess I have just been getting the two (Dirk and Lebron) confused lately because they both have been showing some similar characteristics, that being non-clutch. Last night, the Cavs were trailing the Pistons by two points in the last seconds of game one in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals and Lebron decided to pass the ball to Marshall for an open three when he was driving to a practically open basket. We all know that Marshall missed the basket and the Cavs ended up losing.

Today, Lebron has been getting bashed by the media for not taking the shot and being a clutch playoff player, he ended up with 10 points. However, we all need to remember that if Marshall had made the three we would all be talking about how non-selfish Lebron is because he would have ended up with a triple double, being that Marshall's shot would've been Lebron's 10th assist, and the Cavs probably would've won. Well... coulda, shoulda, woulda... Cavs lost and Ledirk James isn't looking so hot right now. Why couldn't Marshall take into account Lebron's legacy before the shot? Geez!


Today in Sports Nonsense

Cuban on Donald Trump [Donald - Need a Job?]

[George Foreman: I Was Drugged in Loss to Muhammad Ali]


Although Anti-Spurs, Still Funny [Paul Shirley’s Top 10 Rejected Spurs Metaphors & NBA Releases More Reasons To Hate The Spurs]

Chelsea are FA Cup Champs [A Gruesome End To All That]

[AJ Hawk Upset About Wedding Photos Featuring Brady Quinn Being Featured Online] [Sports By Brooks]

Chris Henry is not the man [SHOCKING NEWS YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE]


The Man [Robert Horry Would Foul Steve Nash Again]

Oh No, Not a Steelers Coach

Recently, I had a link on my blog about an NFL coach forwarding an email that he really shouldn't have (something pornographic). I guess he wanted to send the email to just a couple of people, but ended up sending it to the entire league's front offices (coaches, assistants, secretaries, etc...), which is actually hilarious. However, it is a little disappointing (i guess) that the guy who did it works for my favorite NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, but you live, you learn. I just wonder if he is going to be punished, I assume that he is, but it will be interesting to see the extent by which it happens.
Here is an article from The Fanhouse that explains why we think the mishap was from the Steelers front office.

A Name Is Named in NFL E-Mail Porn Fiasco
Posted May 21st 2007 6:59PM by Michael David SmithFiled under: Steelers, NFL Gossip, NFL Rumors, NFL Coaching, Pittsburgh

Following up on the report by Pro Football Talk that an NFL assistant coach accidentally forwarded a pornographic e-mail to a recipients list that included every league general manager, their secretaries, and even the commissioner...Pro Football Talk now reveals the name of the assistant coach in question:

we believe it's fair and appropriate to disclose that (via at least three NFL sources) the e-mail in question was inadvertently sent to multiple high-level team employees and their secretaries by offensive line coach Larry Zierlein of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Could Zierlein be subject to any discipline from the team or the league for this? If so, I would hope it's nothing beyond a reprimand and some training in appropriate use of the team's e-mail account. Zierlein has spent 29 years in the NFL, and this is a stupid mistake, not a malicious action of the Pacman Jones variety. Still, it's fun for us bloggers to giggle about.

Preakness "Pre-Game" Over NHL Overtime

On Saturday, NBC decided to cut off an exciting NHL conference final game in overtime between Ottawa and Buffalo, which ended up being the deciding game in the series to go the Stanley Cup Finals, to go to coverage of the "pre-game" of the second leg of the horse racing Triple Crown, "The Preakness." The "pre-game!!!!!" Nothing against horse racing (I do think it is exciting) and I know the ratings of the horse race are obviously, but sadly, going to be higher than the NHL game(5.5 million for Preakness and 1.1 million for NHL of NBC). However, they cut the NHL game off for us to see the excitement of jockeys siting on couches, horses eating out of troughs, and amazing interviews with elite and elderly horse owners; what could be better?

Now, I realize hockey isn't the most popular sport, especially here in the U.S., but are the networks (notably ESPN and NBC) literally trying to kill it and stab it in the back. I will admit that I am not the biggest hockey fan by any means, but I just don't understand what is going on with these major sports networks. ESPN would rather play NCAA women's softball, bowling, poker, darts, and a ridiculous minor league baseball game (just because Roger Clemans was going to pitch circa 60 pitches) than broadcasting one of the top four U.S. sport's playoff games. Way to go NBC, I would've much rather watched a four foot man's dietary reigement than one of the most exciting things in sports, overtime playoff hockey. Thanks again.

Monday, May 21, 2007

That's Right

Top two 2007 NBA MVP candidates

Tim Duncan (World Champion and 3-time NBA Finals MVP)

The Shocker

I don't think we should put the nation's youth in Teddy Bruschi's hands, who knows where they have been.


Plaxico upset because no girl at an NJ club was paying any attention to him, so he busted on a $2,000 tab.... haha

NFL coach fowards (on email) something he really shouldn't have

Just How Big is Your Ken Griffey, Jr?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Very True (Steve Kerr is The Man)

San Antonio's star power
By Steve Kerr
Saturday, May 19, 2007 3:43 am EDT
Courtesy Yahoo Sports

When we look at NBA history, a common theme among NBA champions is the presence of star tandems. Cousy and Russell. Magic and Kareem. Bird and McHale. Jordan and Pippen.
The idea is that if you can put two superstars together, you've got a chance to win it all, at least in theory. When the San Antonio Spurs won their first NBA title, most of the credit -- rightfully so -- went to a pair of Hall of Fame big men, David Robinson and Tim Duncan. But since Robinson's retirement in 2003, it has been a different, very unlikely tandem that has made the Spurs the most consistent team in the NBA: Duncan and ... Bruce Bowen?

Yes, I know it doesn't have much of a ring to it (so to speak), and the names don't exactly conjure up images of West and Chamberlain. But watching San Antonio beat the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 on Friday to win the series, it was clear that Duncan and Bowen have become the most important tandem in the NBA.

I know Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are great players and are the keys to the team's success, but Duncan and Bowen define the Spurs. They're incredible defensive players -- one inside and one outside -- and their relentlessness on every possession gives opponents fits trying to score the ball.

Ultimately, the combination of Bowen's perimeter defense and Duncan's rim protection is the reason San Antonio is who it is. No matter the opponent, all Gregg Popovich has to do is put Bowen on the best perimeter player and Duncan on the best inside man, and the Spurs have an advantage.

Dirk, Carmelo, Cassell, Nash -- Bowen will take them all. Duncan will cover Shaq, Stoudemire, Garnett, etc. Bowen will harass, bother, intimidate and chop away at his opponent for every second he's on the floor, never once taking a rest. And on the rare occasion that he gets beaten to the hole, Duncan is there waiting to help.

San Antonio's defense on Steve Nash in this series was a clinic. Bowen picked him up past half court, worked him side to side, stayed with him everywhere and had help coming from Duncan constantly. The other Spurs stayed at home on three-point shooters, so in many ways the game evolved into Nash and Amare Stoudemire against Bowen and Duncan.

Nash didn't get his customary three or four layups per game because of Duncan's positioning and long arms. And with Bowen harassing him, Nash hardly had any room for perimeter shots. As for Stoudemire, he scored well, but he had to work for his points. And most importantly, no one else had any room.

San Antonio basically said, "We're relying on Bowen and Duncan. Let's see if you can beat us." And the Suns couldn't. They were close, and if the Game 5 suspensions didn't occur, they might have pulled it off. But ultimately, they couldn't play the way they're used to playing, which is to run and make threes.

Even though Phoenix scored 100 or more points in five of the series' six games, it didn't do it the way it normally does. After averaging 10 made three-pointers per game in the regular season, Phoenix made a total of 37 in this series. Normally when a team takes away the Suns' shooting, there's no one to contain Nash on the inside, but Bowen bothered him from end line to end line, wearing him down just to the point where, even though Nash was great, he wasn't spectacular.
There's been a lot of talk this week about how boring the Spurs are, and how fans across the country don't really want to see them advance in the playoffs. Perhaps that's because their style isn't the most entertaining, or because they don't have any major personalities on the team. Or maybe it's because they're being led by the tandem of Duncan and Bowen. There have been plenty of championship teammates who brought more flash and glamour than those two. But there may never have been a pair who could defend like the Spurs' duo. And that's why San Antonio is moving on.

Sunday Fun-day

Looks like mascots are treating kids to a snack at today's baseball games

Good Thoughts by an Ex-Sun

Coolest guy (Paul Shirley) ever... compares rooting for the Spurs to rooting for cancer... wow. Had a popular Suns blog than moved to ESPN and was a little bit popular. This is what he recently said about the Spurs.

"I can't imagine how anyone could root for the Spurs. It would be like cheering for cancer. Of course, they're really effective (unfortunately, so is cancer), but I don't know if a roster of such easily disliked basketball players has ever been assembled.Tim Duncan might be one of the greatest players of all time, but the constant bug-eyed complaints and the mumps-cheeks make him borderline unwatchable. Manu Ginobili was one of my favorites when he played in Italy. Here, he seems determined to bring a soccer-style sissification of basketball-along with a strong belief in the power of the bald spot-to our shores. Tony Parker looks like Gargamel. And everybody knows that Gargamel is evil"

Are you kidding me, this guy is totally ridiculous... I mean, I know that some, maybe most, people are against the Spurs this year particularly because of the controversial series with the Suns, but this guys take it to the next level. According to "The Fanhouse," "[We're] going to assume that Shirley is joking when he says rooting for the Spurs is like cheering for cancer, because he's a pretty funny guy, and the statement in and of itself doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless you treat it as a joke. It's also important to remember that Shirley used to play for the Suns, so it's not like he's just a casual observer." WHAT A TOOL.

AC Milan Players Really Like Each Other

Italian soccer players apparently really like each other, as we can see from this scandalous picture. We will see what happens when AC Milan takes on Liverpool in Athens in the UEFA Champions League Final this Wednesday in the biggest sporting event of the year.