Saturday, May 26, 2007

Today in Sports Nonsense

Coach Mike Brown of the Cleveland Cavaliers does a horrible job coaching in both game one and two of the Eastern Conference Finals. This is because his play calls, which he burns vital timeouts for, that consist of giving LeNike the ball 35 feet from the rim and going against five of the best defensive players in the league. Those timeouts that he burned would have given the Cavs a final chance at a three pointer to tie in both games. [Coach Mike Doesn’t Do His Job, Coach Mike is awful, or why Brown didn't order a shot earlier in the clock so they could've extended the game: Kwick Kav Kvetch]

Indy Ladies [YES, NO, NO, NO, YES & Fan, Start Your Interest! Please? ]

More on Hetero Brady Quinn [The Rules Have Changed]

This is Awesome... Bicycle Soccer [BICYCLE SOCCER IS... BICYCLE-Y]

[Michael Vick Hosts Night of Midget Fighting At His Virginia Home]

All of the old boxing geezers hate this new sport that is dominating them (note I like both boxing and MMA) [Lou DiBella Plays the 'Human Cockfighting' Card]

At first this appears to be Lebron throwing a ball straight at a fan, but most likely he is doing one of those And 1 Street Ball moves... PROFESSA! [LeBron Throws the Ball at a Woman Sitting Courtside]

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