Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ugly scene in Utah due to classless fans

The San Antonio Spurs beat the Utah Jazz on Memorial Day evening (not quite the "Memorial Day Miracle" by Sean Elliot). This pushes the series back to San Antonio with the Spurs a chance to close out the series with their 3-1 lead.

Towards the end of the game, when the Spurs had put the game out of reach for the Jazz, within a one minute span both Derek Fisher and coach Jerry Sloan were ejected for excessive technical fouls. Obviously everyone for the Jazz was frustrated, but in particular were the Utah Jazz fans. Throughout the entire game the Jazz's fans were anything but classy.

Early in the first half, you could hear (on the ESPN broadcast) a fan was yelling offensive obscenities through a microphone at Spurs' players who were shooting free throws. The fans were also on the officials the entire game, yelling "refs, you suck!" at every chance they got. However, nothing compared to how livid they were at the end of the game. As the Spurs were walking off the court, the Utah fans started throwing debris onto the court that was directed at them and the refs. You could see debris being thrown at the Spurs as they were walking through the tunnels and off the court. Greg Popovich actually had to run back onto the court to grab Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili off the court as they were set to do post-game interviews with ESPN and San Antonio radio stations, according to ESPN's Michelle Tafoya.
Way to go Utah. I know that the Jazz are all you have up there, so I understand what die hard fans you guys are because I am from San Antonio and the Spurs are all we have, but you don't need to be classless. Show support for your team by appaulding them for their effort (which I believe was great) and don't "booo" the game and act like maniacs by throwing objects at players and refs.... that is ridiculous. By the way, the Jazz fans sure do have a lot of diversity amound themselves, as you can see by some of these pictures.
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Anonymous said...

The Spurs define classless (one cheap play after another), Jazz fans just trying to catch up :)

No, I'm not a Jazz fan. I didn't used to hate the Spurs, am starting to the more I see.

Aaron S said...

I appreciate you reading my blog and commenting on it.. please get back to me if you have a blog or website you want me to check out... Im glad you're not a jazz fan and im sorry that this is the year where everyone started hating the spurs for some reason... some of them i guess i understand because i would hate some of these players if they wern't wearing the jersey, but admit thatt you would want them on your team... thanks again... tell your friends and give me a link sometime