Friday, May 18, 2007

Someone Wanted to (Literally) Blow Up the Spurs

You know, for a group of people who get more sunshine than a large part of the population on this continent, Phoenix Suns fans are an angry bunch. It appears that some coward phoned in a bomb threat shortly after the San Antonio Spurs arrived at their hotel in Phoenix on Tuesday night.

The players weren't evacuated, but five police cars were positioned outside the hotel as security did a sweep of the building...Some of the players didn't know about the incident until Wednesday morning.When I heard about this story, I debated whether or not it was appropriate to make a joke.

Thanks to Brent Barry, I now have my answer:
"As I sat in the lobby thinking to myself why would somebody make a bomb threat," Barry said, "along walks (TNT's) Craig Sager, and the light went off."

And you wonder why people think the Spurs are evil.

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