Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh No, Not a Steelers Coach

Recently, I had a link on my blog about an NFL coach forwarding an email that he really shouldn't have (something pornographic). I guess he wanted to send the email to just a couple of people, but ended up sending it to the entire league's front offices (coaches, assistants, secretaries, etc...), which is actually hilarious. However, it is a little disappointing (i guess) that the guy who did it works for my favorite NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, but you live, you learn. I just wonder if he is going to be punished, I assume that he is, but it will be interesting to see the extent by which it happens.
Here is an article from The Fanhouse that explains why we think the mishap was from the Steelers front office.

A Name Is Named in NFL E-Mail Porn Fiasco
Posted May 21st 2007 6:59PM by Michael David SmithFiled under: Steelers, NFL Gossip, NFL Rumors, NFL Coaching, Pittsburgh

Following up on the report by Pro Football Talk that an NFL assistant coach accidentally forwarded a pornographic e-mail to a recipients list that included every league general manager, their secretaries, and even the commissioner...Pro Football Talk now reveals the name of the assistant coach in question:

we believe it's fair and appropriate to disclose that (via at least three NFL sources) the e-mail in question was inadvertently sent to multiple high-level team employees and their secretaries by offensive line coach Larry Zierlein of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Could Zierlein be subject to any discipline from the team or the league for this? If so, I would hope it's nothing beyond a reprimand and some training in appropriate use of the team's e-mail account. Zierlein has spent 29 years in the NFL, and this is a stupid mistake, not a malicious action of the Pacman Jones variety. Still, it's fun for us bloggers to giggle about.

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