Monday, May 7, 2007

Suns Get SPURNED in Game 1

Although the Phoenix Suns were able to score over 100 points in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals against the San Antonio Spurs they fell short of holding onto home court advantage and lost Sunday afternoon. This seems to go against conventional wisdom because the Spurs have only won two of their last eleven when they have allowed their opponents to score at least 100. Suns coach Mike D'antoni said that if his Suns could score at least 100 they'd "be in pretty good shape," but not in this case.

Although most of the referee's calls went in the Spurs favor, I have to admit some of them were questionable, I have never seen a NBA coach complain so ridiculously than D'antoni. Its actually very entertaining and funny at times, mostly because I think he looks strikingly similar to those Canadians that are on Comedy Central's South Park. When he complains it almost as if his face detaches at the mouth with his whole head flapping up and down. See....

See what I mean... Hilarious.

Anyways, we will see what happens in Game two on Tuesday evening to see if the Spurs can keep up the pressure. All we know is that this series is going to be a battle between the two best teams in the NBA and some pretty good basketball is going to be played. Its apparent this is going to be a fight by the way Steve Nash looked towards the end of the game, which by the way was worse than either Oscar De La Hoya or Maywether looked at the end of their fight on Saturday night.

Yeah... suck it up big boy.


Big Shot Bob said...

Super Blog....Love Those Spurs..

Keep up the work..

Anonymous said...

You are a bitch, just like Ginobli and the rest of the Euro trash the Spurs recruit.