Thursday, January 31, 2008

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The truth about what happened to Tony Romo

Nets in three-way talks for Kidd: Please let it happen

I know it is a little early to get my hopes up about this trade, but as a San Antonio Spurs fan I really hope this happens... I'll tell you why in a sec, but first here it is...

Nets in three-way talks for Kidd

By Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo! Sports
January 30, 2008

The New Jersey Nets are in serious negotiations with the Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers about a blockbuster three-way trade that would send Jason Kidd to the Mavericks, league sources said Wednesday afternoon.

In the proposed trade, Dallas and Portland would send the Nets a package that includes the Mavs' Devean George and Jerry Stackhouse and Blazers forwards Travis Outlaw and Channing Frye and guard Jarrett Jack. Mavericks point guard Devin Harris would be sent to Portland. Along with Kidd, the Nets would send reserve forward Malik Allen and center Jamaal Magloire to Dallas.

The Nets would also receive at least one future No. 1 pick and cash. It's expected that New Jersey would work a buyout with Stackhouse and allow him to be a free agent. Other players could be included to balance the exchange of contracts.

So... here is the deal... Obviously, being a Spurs fan I'm focused on what the Mavs would be getting and losing... The Mavs would basically get Jason Kidd and a couple scrubs for Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, and Devean George... Are you serious??

This is so amazing. First off Jason Kidd is a scrub. Can't play defense. Can't shoot. The only thing he does well is pass, rebound, and look like a jew. But then again I wish the Spurs could be beneficiary of his 2-15 and 4-16 nights from the field. Sweet!

Next, the mavs are potentially giving up Stack, George, and Devin Harris. All three play better defense than Kidd and can shoot the ball better. I can understand getting rid of george because he looks like a women, but Stack and Harris? Jerry Stackhouse brings a toughness to the Mavs that no one else does, without him the only player with any balls on the team would be Josh Howard. Lastly, Devin Harris. I wouldn't trade Devin for Kidd straight up. Devin is fastly turning into one of the premier point guards in the NBA. He drives, shoots, plays defense, and works harder than Jason Kidd. Not to mention he is the best flopping actor in the league... which is part of the game now a days, sad but true. I believe he had an NBA best last year in charges taken (in the rear) last year.

So, I say again, this San Antonio Spurs fan can't wait for this trade because I believe it will totally destroy the Mavericks chance for a championship.

Damon Stoudamire to the Spurs?

Well... good or bad? Damon Stoudamire soming to the Spurs possibly? Well Anything is better than what we are doing right now and that's for sure...

Veteran guard tells Suns he's signing with rival

By Johnny Ludden, Yahoo! Sports
January 30, 2008

Damon Stoudamire has told Phoenix Suns officials he’s planning on signing with the San Antonio Spurs once he clears waivers this week.

Stoudamire’s agent, Aaron Goodwin, confirmed the decision.

Stoudamire, 34, chose the Spurs because they afforded him a better opportunity to play. Tony Parker has been shelved indefinitely because of bone spurs in his left heel and Brent Barry is out at least another two weeks with a calf injury, leaving San Antonio with Manu Ginobili and backup point guard Jacque Vaughn as its only true ballhandlers.

Parker underwent an MRI Wednesday and has a follow-up appointment with doctors on Thursday to see if the pain in his heel has lessened. Team officials expect him to be out at least a week.

I don't know if this is really a situation to be happy about for Spurs fans... but anything that pisses the Suns off is cool with me.

More Jon Stewert on Phil SImms

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Phil Simms on The Daily Show

Santana dealt to Mets

NEW YORK (AP) -- Johan Santana is a contract extension and physical from joining the New York Mets.

Beating out the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, the Mets reached a tentative agreement Tuesday to acquire the two-time Cy Young Award winner, two people familiar with the deal said, speaking on condition of anonymity because no announcement had been made.

Minnesota would receive speedy outfielder Carlos Gomez, and pitchers Philip Humber, Deolis Guerra and Kevin Mulvey.

"If it's true, obviously, you're getting arguably the best pitcher in the game," Mets third baseman David Wright said.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stephen Colbert's Sport Report


Eva... please don't talk

The blogs today are going crazy today after Eva Longoria said something about Tony Parker... this is via truehoop and ohhh it's a surprise that a Dallas basketball blog misconstrued someone's words to make a San Antonio Spur's player look bad.

The actress admits it's tough watching her husband play for the San Antonio Spurs - because she never knows when he's really hurt, and when he's acting. She says, "Sometimes he acts to get the flagrant foul or, to sell the foul more, he'll throw himself on the floor and really play it up more than what it is. "I really don't know what the difference is so I'm like, 'Stop laying on the ground if you're not hurt. Just get up!' He's like, 'Honey, I have to stay on the ground sometimes.'

I don't think she was saying that he he flops, but I think she was just saying that she gets nervous when he goes down because she thinks he might be hurt... oh well all I know is that if Devin Harris of the Dallas Mavericks had a famous wife she couldn't bare to watch all of his great acting

Players who ... have more rings than Karl Malone and John Stockton

From Yahoo! Sports: Over at the FanHouse, Brett Edwards is a little aghast at the idea of Melvin Ely, a midseason addition for the San Antonio Spurs last season who barely played, getting a championship ring for his "role" on the 2006-07 NBA champs.

Well, I have something that's going to make Brett's stomach truly turn. Sorry, buddy.

24 players who have accrued more championship rings than Elgin Baylor, Bob Lanier, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, John Stockton, Kevin Garnett, Charles Barkley, and Xavier McDaniel combined.

Mark McNamara

Kevin McKenna

David Thirdkill

Chuck Nevitt

Mike Smrek

Fennis Dembo

Scott Hastings

Dennis Hopson

Mark Randall

Rodney McCray

Eric Riley

Tim Breaux

Matt Steigenga

Jack Haley

Rusty LaRue

Andrew Gaze

Travis Knight

Mike Penberthy

Isaiah Rider

Robert Horry

Tremaine Fowlkes

Linton Johnson III

Gerald Fitch

Melvin Ely

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dan Patrick on David Letterman

Read a Book

Philip Rivers gets weighed down by chastity belt

It was reveled after the San Diego Chargers loss Sunday to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game by sources close to Philip Rivers that he wasn't quite moving at 100% during the game because he was weighed down by an unusually large and protective chastity belt. Supposedly he most likely decided to wear this due to the fact that he would come into heavy contact with man-lovers such as Junior Seau, Teddy Bruschi, and Rodney "in the pooper" Harrison.

Here is Philip Rivers reaction to the allegations as well as the photo of the massive chastity belt.

Little help from the insane mind of E. ha.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Giants Triumph Packers

Mock USC Application

I know these images are too small to read... so go to the link to check it out... very funny. My favorite is the essay questions that asks, "Have you ever spoken to a black person? Describe the experience."

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good decision editor

Stephen Jackson done got his ankles broke son!


The Planet Express Guide to Management - 33 HR Lessons from Futurama

Students and faculty force Pope to cancel university visit

Straight Stem Cells yo

The Story of the "Packer Mobile"

...fake, fake, records records....

Matt Bonner Mailbox

Matt Bonner recently took time out to answer questions submitted by Spurs E-News subscribers about what life is like on and off the court for a redheaded NBAer from New Hampshire.... just some of the questions here...

Name: Billy Franklin
Location: El Paso, Texas
Question:: Are you still driving that Pontiac?

Matt Bonner: Yes, and specifically it’s a Grand Prix. It’s still kicking butt out there on the streets of San Antonio. I went with it for the decent gas mileage, affordability and excellent leg room in the driver’s seat. It hasn’t let me down.

Name: Vicky
Location: Fresno, CA
Question:: How's that championship ring feel? Do you really wear it?

Matt Bonner: It feels good to win the championship. As a role player in the NBA my personal success is mainly based on the team’s success, so the best achievement for me is the team winning a championship. I do not wear it. I’m too afraid I’ll drop it. Maybe when I’m done playing and go to banquets or formal occasions I’ll wear it.

Name: Dallas Dryden
Location: San Antonio
Question:: First, I appreciate you stepping in and carrying the torch while Tim and Tony were out. Here's my question: Who is the biggest prankster on the team?

Matt Bonner: Manu Ginobili and Brent Barry. Manu is more of the physical funny man and Brent’s more with his tongue, but both of them love the practical jokes. Brent has done the annoying beeping machine. I don’t know what you call it. It’s a little thing you stick somewhere and every few minutes it emits a high frequency beep. Because of the high frequency you can’t tell where in the room it is and you can never find it, so it slowly drives you crazy. Manu’s the king of throwing ice bags at you in the shower and that type of thing.

Name: Mary
Location: Laredo, Texas
Question: Did you get any hassle about your red hair when you were younger? I dated a boy with red hair in high school (many moons ago) and we were always teased.

Matt Bonner: First off, good for you for dating a boy with red hair! I don’t know what it is, but we definitely tend to be ahead of the pack in most areas. The good thing with me when I was growing up was that I was always bigger than everyone else, so most people weren’t trying to anger me in that regard. There was definitely a little bit of teasing, but us redheads can take it…we’re fiery!


Sportscenter anchor Steve Levy is a tool for Boston Sports... and yes that is him with Al Roker... Sweet

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is how stupid ESPN is and how much they love Boston Sports...

Quote from Sportscenter tonight regarding the Portland Trailblazers game against the Boston Celtics...

"This could be a potential NBA Finals preview"

All I can say is WOW

The Steroid Bowl: A.K.A. The AFC Championship

Rodney Harrison VS. Shawne Merriman... who you got???
Nothing like some good ol' fashion steroids that no one seems to care about...