Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carlos Tevez reads Wayne Rooney's mind

As much as I try to dislike Manchester United, I have to say it is fun watching some beautiful football.

This is why the Timberwolves and Kevin McHale suck...

... and why the San Antonio Spurs are sooo baller...

SAN ANTONIO (Ticker) - The San Antonio Spurs traded point guard Beno Udrih to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for a second-round draft pick in 2008.

Later in that day, Udrih was waived by the Timberwolves.

There must have been some other trade incentives for the Timberwolves to make such a move, but for a team that is trying to rebuild, why wouldn't you keep a promising young point guard or a top second-round draft pick. The move doesn't make any sense to me, even if cash considerations were involved.
Anyways, so long big Beno, it was good while it lasted and at least you have an NBA championship under your belt unlike Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Sox win the World Series and Mike Lowell gets pee'd on


By the way, since Manny Ramirez made those comments about if the Red Sox were not able to win a World Series championship it would "not be the end of the world," the Sox went 7-0 to win the Fall Classic, not to mention his post-season batting average of .348 with 16 RBIs.

To all the haters, Manny says, "Chuuuch!"


Yay for Trinity University (San Antonio, TX)

Greatest ending ever??? The Miracle in Mississippi, unbelievable last play of SCAC title game between Trinity University and Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. Play began with 0:02 remaining in the game, Trinity players used a total of 15 laterals to take the ball 61 yards for the game-winning TD.

"I've never seen anything like it in my 32 years in football," said Trinity coach Steve Mohr.

"I can't even explain it," Millsaps senior safety Ray Kline told The Clarion-Ledger. "I guess they wanted it more than we did on that last play."

Trinity Football 15 Laterals Miracle Play - Watch more free videos

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tim McCarver and Eric Wynalda are idiots

"What a short quick stroke for a big man."- Tim McCarver

"He's ready to strike like a cobra in a basket" - Tim McCarver

"Once a guy drops his bat, baserunning is the biggest determining factor to whether you gonna get runs or not. It's so important. SO Important."- Tim McCarver

"Papelbon with the combination of towels wrapped around his money maker."- Joe Buck

Now to the MLS playoffs... During the D.C. United - Chicago Fire game ESPN2 cameras panned to the Chicago Fire supporter's group Section 8 with about 15 minutes left in the match, fans in the section set off flares that gave off a red, fire-like glare. Wynalda responded to this image by saying, "Looks like California," a flippant reference to the wildfires currently plaguing California.

"Because when the runner gets to third base the next stop is home."- Tim McCarver

"Give me another word, I keep coming back to dominant."- Joe Buck
"I don't have my thesaurus with me."- Tim McCarver

"For the first stolen base that we get in this series we, America gets a free taco."- Joe Buck

Japanese game show - marshmallow eating

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

If I only had a dime for every time...

NEW DELHI - Wild monkeys attacked a senior government official who then fell from a balcony at his home and died Sunday, media reported.

New Delhi Deputy Mayor S.S. Bajwa was rushed to a hospital after the attack by a gang of Rhesus macaques, but succumbed to head injuries sustained in his fall, the Press Trust of India news agency and The Times of India reported.

Many government buildings, temples and residential neighborhoods in New Delhi are overrun by Rhesus macaques, which scare passers-by and occasionally bite or snatch food from unsuspecting visitors.

Last year, the Delhi High Court reprimanded city authorities for failing to stop the animals from terrifying residents and asked them to find a permanent solution to the monkey menace.

Part of the problem is that devout Hindus believe monkeys are manifestations of the monkey god Hanuman and feed them bananas and peanuts — encouraging them to frequent public places.

Over the years, city authorities have employed monkey catchers who use langurs — a larger and fiercer kind of monkey — to scare or catch the macaques, but the problem persists.

Daniel Tosh - Completely Serious

How can football sound so dirty and baseball so dumb?

10. "When sholder goes down the umph goes South."- Verne Lundquist

9. "South Florida will be replaced in the 2-hole." Brent Musberger (Via Gangsta D)

8. "They gave up 31 points to Troy and Brad Pitt wasn't the coach of that team."- Lee Corso

7. "Good timeout by Penn State...you may catch them in a ball handling situation."- Andre Ware

6. "The guys say he is so precious with the young boys."- Holly Rowe (Via Gangsta D)

5. "Think about playing quarterback here at USC: Carson Palmer wins a Heisman, Matt Leinart wins a Heisman, John David Booty has played very well, and now Mark Sanchez. It's like going out as a runway model after Heidi Klum." - Pat Haden (Via S2N)

4. "That one looked like you were ordering an omelet at breakfast it was so open."- Gary Danielson

3. "If he bobbles the ball at all, and it falls incomplete, it's over. You leave a timeout in your bag, the season — done." — Mike Patrick, in the final seconds of LSU's victory

2. Bob Griese made reference to Brad Nessler's pink tie. Nessler says "Thank you, it's for breast awareness month." (Via Corey)

1. “You finally shaved it off do you feel naked right now?”- Pam Ward

And more....

"Also, Andre Johnson not playing for the Texans, it could be a long day for David Carr and that cast." - Keyshawn Johnson (Carr, not really with the Texans)

"Tom Brady's touchdown passes are having babies, he went from 22 to 23." - Dan Dierdorf

Now, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver

"These teams have played over 243 games this year"- Tim McCarver (162 x 2 = 324)

"Keys to the game: "The team that breathes easiest wins."- Tim McCarver (Could you elaborate a bit Tim?)

"Two nations hanging on every pitch from Daisuke Matsuzaka.....Red Sox Nation and Japan."- Joe Buck"

In a two-strike count...the advantage goes to the pitcher."- Tim McCarver

"Catchers don't catch pitches that get hit."- Tim McCarver

"Ortiz has holes to fill, and he has filled them, he used to only come outside, but he can come inside as well now." Tim McCarver in reference to Ortiz's swing in the past compared to the present

Credit awfulannoucing

Filthy Jag Fans

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Top 10 Goals - October week 2

Messi, Tevez, etc...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Josh Howard shoves Brad Miller

I don't know what is more impressive here, Josh Howard's double-bow on the back of Brad Miller's head or Devon Harris' spectacular flop when Miller turned around a bumped into him which started the whole thing?

Jimmy Kimmel Owns Joe Theisman on Monday Night Football

credit: http://awfulannouncing.blogspot.com

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Urine trouble: Baylor assistant relieves self on bar"

So, apparently working for the largest Baptist University in the world doesn't mean that you are above public urination or horrible football coaching. According to ESPN.com via ajreina@gmail.com / Iron Man Blog ...

WACO, Texas -- Baylor University suspended an assistant football coach indefinitely after he was cited for urinating on the bar at a tavern, coach Guy Morriss said, according to the Houston Chronicle. Eric Schnupp, Baylor's offensive line/tight ends coach, was not arrested but was issued a citation at 2:20 a.m. Sunday for disorderly conduct-reckless exposure at Scruffy Murphy's, Waco police spokesman Steve Anderson said.

Bartender Danny Severe said in Tuesday's editions of the Waco Tribune-Herald that the incident happened around closing time and that Schnupp apparently thought no one was watching him as employees were moving patrons out of the building. Severe said an employee witnessed Schnupp urinating on the bar, and a manager told police officers who were there for an unrelated matter. Severe said Schnupp had taken several shots of hard liquor, most bought for him by other people.

By the way, this happened on the night in which Baylor lost at Kansas 58-10 on Saturday afternoon. So, you have to ask yourself, how was it even possible to get totally wasted in Waco that same evening?
Well, the team was back in Waco by 9 p.m., plenty of time for several shots of popov and countless Schlitz. Think about what commitment and dedication to drinking and inadequately coaching football it must taken to have gotten shit-faced in this manner. Now, that is impressive!!

Bigger Tool: Joe Theisman or Al Michaels??

It is going to be a close call, lets do some analysis...

First in the tool bag is this man, Joe Theisman.
Recently, Joe Theisman said the following about the new ESPN Monday Night Football announcing crew...
[MNF] “become a three-hour Tony Kornheiser show. When I was let go, they explained they wanted more of an issue show and less about football. They’ve accomplished that.”
OK! We get it Joe, you are mad and bitter because a non-athletic, yet smart and witty personality "stole" your NFL announcing gig that you were never actually any good at doing. I don't know which is more pathetic, that you are still handing out cheap shots and complaining about your former colleagues who out-performed you at every possible moment or the fact that you being a former NFL star quarterback couldn't even prevent you from losing your job to someone who has never played an NFL down and is that much more knowledgeable about the game than yourself.

Next... Underneath Theisman in the tool bag, one will find Al Michaels...

Can someone please shoot Al Michaels? Please?
I swear to God is I have to go through another Sunday Night Football game when New Orleans is playing and listen to Michaels say New Or-lee-anns over and over again I think I might throw something through the T.V. set. I would love to be in NBC's production room and watch everyone cringe during the hundreds of times Michaels butchers the pronunciation of New Orleans.

I am sure someone has been like, "hey, Michaels, maybe today, if you don't feel like being an asshole, you could actually pronounce the name of the city who's team has been on national T.V. like a million times since hurricane Katrina correctly? Maybe?"

In a likely response, Michaels probably says,"hahaha, NO! F*** You B*tches, I'm AL Michaels, motha f'er."

I don't know what else could be going on at NBC, seriously.

"New Or-lee-anns, New Or-lee-anns, New Or-lee-anns, New Or-lee-anns, New Or-lee-anns..."

I think we have a tie... Joe Theisman and Al Michaels are both massive tools, yet I'll give Michaels the slight edge because he still has a job and a medium to annoy me.

New Blogger Buzz: Environmental Weblogs

I am a Environmental Science graduate student at the University of North Texas, so other than sports the environment is my main interest and focus. If you take the time to look at some of the following links you will find several relevant opinions on significant subjects that are not about the world of sports, but something more important, the world.

Environmental Blog Roundup
October 15, 2007 — permalink
In honor of Blog Action Day, we wanted to highlight some of the many Blogger-powered blogs that are focused on the environment, climate change, and sustainability. Want to see more Blog Action Day participants from around the web? Find them on Blog Search.

Cleantech Blog - Commentary on technologies, news, and issues relating to next generation energy and the environment.
The Conscious Earth - Earth-centered news for the health of air, water, habitat and the fight against global warming.
Earth Meanders - Earth essays placing environmental sustainability within the context of other contemporary issues.
Environmental Action Blog - Current environmental issues and green energy news.
The Future is Green - Thoughts on the coming of a society that is in balance with nature.
The Green Skeptic - Devoted to challenging assumptions about how we live on the earth and protect our environment.
Haute*Nature - Ecologically based creative ideas, art & green products for your children, home and lifestyle, blending style with sustainability.
The Lazy Environmentalist - Sustainable living made easy.
Lights Out America - A grassroots community group organizing nationwide energy savings events.
The Nature Writers of Texas - The best nature writing from the newspaper, magazine, blog and book authors of the Lone Star State.
Rachel Carson Centennial Book Club - Considering the legacy of Rachel Carson's literary and scientific contributions with a different book each month.
Sustainablog - News, information and personal meanderings related to environmental and economic sustainability, green and sustainable business, and environmental politics.
These Come From Trees - An experiment in environmentalism, viral marketing, and user interface design with the goal of reducing consumer waste paper.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Greatest goal ever scored?

The Beautiful Game says this goal in the Ecuador-Venezuela World Cup qualifier could be the greatest goal of all time. And it is pretty dirty.

This is how they fight in baseball in Korea. if you didn't know

What the hell?
Korean Baseball Fight - Watch more free videos

Ridiculous article in the Onion: "I Can't Stand It When Jews Talk During Movies"

OK, I don't know if this letter is real or not, but it is from the Onion (Onion Opinion section) from back in 2005 and it is written by a lady named Dana Healy. I'm not sure if it is something they stumbled upon and just found it too ridiculous not to post or if it is one of their writers doing a satire, either way it is quite ridiculous and funny.

Also, fortheloveofsports.blogspot.com doesn't necessarily condone or agree with any of the following opinions.

This is Dana Healy, by the way:

Sweet huh?

Here is her opinion, via The Onion:

Do you have a pet peeve—some little thing that drives you completely bonkers? For certain people, it's the sound of a Jewish person dragging her fingernails across a chalkboard. For others, it's when Jews don't signal before making a turn. Me? I can't stand it when Jews talk during movies!

Last Friday, I knocked off early from work and headed to the multiplex to catch The Pacifier. Sure enough, as soon as the lights go out, a pack of Jews waltzes in and plunks down right in front of me! All through the first preview, they had to have a Jewish debate about where to put their coats and who should hold the Twizzlers. What's wrong with these idiots? If you want to chat, go to a coffee shop, or that Jewish community center down on Cavendish Avenue.

Where did these people learn to whisper? An Israeli helicopter?

I sure didn't pay $10 to listen to a group of twits talk back to the screen like those obnoxious Jewish robots from Mystery Science Theater 3000! And apparently, "God's chosen people" weren't selected based on their ability to follow plotlines. No wonder they wandered the desert for so many years—they can't even watch a Vin Diesel movie without getting lost.

It would help if management took stronger action against this total lack of regard. A sign saying, "Jews: Kindly refrain from talking during the film" couldn't hurt. I don't think I'm being unreasonable here. That theater was as loud as an Elders of Zion meeting. Is it asking too much to expect a little courtesy from your fellow moviegoers? I guess some people just weren't raised gentile.

Look, I enjoy eating popcorn while taking in a flick, but at least I have the presence of mind to keep my munching to a conscientious level. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one who wasn't raised in a barn where special precautions are taken to slaughter livestock in accordance with Jewish laws and traditions.

If you can keep kosher, why can't you keep quiet?
And how many times can these descendants of Abraham possibly need to use the washroom? If you have to go that often, sit near an aisle and leave the middle seats for those of us who aren't circumcised. You guys may not believe in the doctrine of original sin, but everyone agrees that failing to turn off your cell phone before the movie starts is just plain rude! I swear, the next time a phone goes off, someone's getting a yarmulke shoved down his throat.

If there were some other way to see movies, I'd do it. I've tried renting movies, only to have the film interrupted midway through by a Jewish telemarketer or the sounds of the Jews upstairs blasting their rap music. I can only imagine what that guy with the fiddler on his roof went through. It's the Jewish year 5766, for cripes sake! It's time to learn some courtesy.

... Yeah, pretty ridiculous huh?

Top 10 Goals - Week 1 of October

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Winslow vs. Porter

And the girly feud continues... and we all know that Kellen Winslow is a "f*****' soldier man."

"He's a receiver, really," Joey Porter said. "He's not a tight end, because he's not going to block anybody. If you ask me who's going to win the Joey Porter-Kellen Winslow battle: Me."

On Thursday, Winslow shot back -- kindly.

"I think Joey Porter needs a hug," Winslow said, smiling. "He's so angry, man."

"It really hasn't been a war," Porter said Wednesday. "It's been one-sided. I've never lost to him. It's like me picking on my little brother."

Now Winslow... "I'm not into the individual-battle thing," he said. "It's a team thing. We're 2-3 and they're 0-5 and we're looking for a win. He doesn't have to worry about me. He should be worried about the team concept. They're 0-5 right now."


"I'm sure he will," Winslow said. "The only reason I did that [offer the handshake] last year was to give our team some confidence and get them going a little bit. But again, I'm not worried about Joey. He's not even their best player." (Porter didn't accept his handshake last year, by the way)

"You know what?" Winslow said. "He would probably be a great teammate. But he's not on our team, so it doesn't really matter."

Well at least there is one reason to watch the Browns vs. Dolphins, I guess. Thank god Joey Porter is still jawin' when the Dolphins are 0-5, what a guy, that is fantastic.

USMNT roster for upcoming friendly against Switzerland

Note Freddy Adu in bold. Thank god we finally have him on our first squad, being that he plays for the best club of anyone on the USMNT, it is going to be great to see. And thank God that there is no Donovan.


Goalkeepers: Marcus Hahnemann (Reading, England), Tally Hall (Esbjerg, Norway), Chris Seitz (Real Salt Lake).

Defenders: Carlos Bocanegra (Fulham, England), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover, Germany), Dan Califf (Aalborg BK, Denmark), Jay Demerit (Watford, England), Oguchi Onyewu (Standard Liege, Belgium), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock, Germany), Steve Purdy (1860 Munich, Germany).

Midfielders: Freddy Adu (Benfica, Portugal), DaMarcus Beasley (Rangers, Scotland), Michael Bradley (Heerenveen, Netherlands), Maurice Edu (Toronto), Benny Feilhaber (Hamburg SV, Germany), Eddie Lewis (Derby, England), Danny Szetela (Racing Santander, Spain)

Forwards: Clint Dempsey (Fulham, England), Robbie Findley (Real Salt Lake), Preston Zimmerman (Hamburg SV, Germany), Sal Zizzo (Hannover, Germany).

CHICAGO (AP) - Benfica midfielder Freddy Adu was selected Tuesday as part of a nearly all European-based roster for the United States' training camp in preparation for its Oct. 17 friendly against Switzerland in Basel.
Adu, who has played only one league game for the 31-time Portuguese champion since his July transfer from Real Salt Lake, will be joined by five of his teammates from the U.S. Under-20 World Cup team.
Besides Adu, who has one cap for the United States, U.S. manager Bob Bradley also called in seven players who have never played for the American senior side - three of whom played at the U20 World Cup in July: Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Chris Seitz, Hamburg SV forward Preston Zimmerman and Racing Santander midfielder Danny Szetela.

TO's note to the media: too bad it's not "TO's beerfday week"

"Dear Reporters,

Due to the magnitude of this week's game and high volume of questions for the Original 81 about the other 81. I will be taking all questions immediately following Sunday's game.

Sincerely, (followed by Owens' signature)"

"p.s. Getcha Popcorn Ready."

Tiki Barber on The Daily Show

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

Dear Chicago Cubs Fans: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Who are the cubs going to blame next? It is so sad that this year the Chicago Cubs fans don't have Steve Bartman to blame for playing horrible in the MLB postseason. But, they do have Lou Pinella. I love it that Cubs fans always feel the need to blame one individual for how their team collectively blows the opportunity to win a World Series championship.

Lets go back to the Steve Bartman situation. Any fan would've done the same thing. Wouldn't you? And would Moises Alou have even caught that notorious foul ball. Also, I'm not sure if anyone remembers those horrible errors made by the Cubs right after that, that would've ended the inning and probably sent them to a World Series. Oh yeah, wasn't it game 6, not the final and deciding game 7?

For all of that, Steve Bartman had to experience one of the biggest self-tragedies in history (that's right, not just sports history) and has had to change his identity among other things because of crazy asshole baseball fans who aren't smart enough to realize that their own players blew it for them and not one of their own.

This year the fans decide to blame big ol' Lou. We have to blame it on one person right? I thought the game was played by a nine man roster, I could be wrong though. I know the Cubs aren't out of it yet, but they are close.

So, Cubs fans, before you blame one manager, one player, pitcher, fielder, batter, or one fan for your October failings this year, I just want you to realize that the one particular individual you randomly pick to blame is in fact not guilty, but the fact does remain that you are all collectively worthless.

Maybe crying will break the curse? Well, probably not because you have been doing that for awhile now.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Celtic fan assaults dida - Celtic v AC Milan

The Celtic fan just received a life ban after he turned himself in. I think Dida should get a life ban for the biggest flop in history.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007