Friday, October 5, 2007

Dear Chicago Cubs Fans: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Who are the cubs going to blame next? It is so sad that this year the Chicago Cubs fans don't have Steve Bartman to blame for playing horrible in the MLB postseason. But, they do have Lou Pinella. I love it that Cubs fans always feel the need to blame one individual for how their team collectively blows the opportunity to win a World Series championship.

Lets go back to the Steve Bartman situation. Any fan would've done the same thing. Wouldn't you? And would Moises Alou have even caught that notorious foul ball. Also, I'm not sure if anyone remembers those horrible errors made by the Cubs right after that, that would've ended the inning and probably sent them to a World Series. Oh yeah, wasn't it game 6, not the final and deciding game 7?

For all of that, Steve Bartman had to experience one of the biggest self-tragedies in history (that's right, not just sports history) and has had to change his identity among other things because of crazy asshole baseball fans who aren't smart enough to realize that their own players blew it for them and not one of their own.

This year the fans decide to blame big ol' Lou. We have to blame it on one person right? I thought the game was played by a nine man roster, I could be wrong though. I know the Cubs aren't out of it yet, but they are close.

So, Cubs fans, before you blame one manager, one player, pitcher, fielder, batter, or one fan for your October failings this year, I just want you to realize that the one particular individual you randomly pick to blame is in fact not guilty, but the fact does remain that you are all collectively worthless.

Maybe crying will break the curse? Well, probably not because you have been doing that for awhile now.

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