Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tim McCarver and Eric Wynalda are idiots

"What a short quick stroke for a big man."- Tim McCarver

"He's ready to strike like a cobra in a basket" - Tim McCarver

"Once a guy drops his bat, baserunning is the biggest determining factor to whether you gonna get runs or not. It's so important. SO Important."- Tim McCarver

"Papelbon with the combination of towels wrapped around his money maker."- Joe Buck

Now to the MLS playoffs... During the D.C. United - Chicago Fire game ESPN2 cameras panned to the Chicago Fire supporter's group Section 8 with about 15 minutes left in the match, fans in the section set off flares that gave off a red, fire-like glare. Wynalda responded to this image by saying, "Looks like California," a flippant reference to the wildfires currently plaguing California.

"Because when the runner gets to third base the next stop is home."- Tim McCarver

"Give me another word, I keep coming back to dominant."- Joe Buck
"I don't have my thesaurus with me."- Tim McCarver

"For the first stolen base that we get in this series we, America gets a free taco."- Joe Buck

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