Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dog Fighting and Michael Vick: Interesting comments from a dog with a voice?


Yes…it’s no surprise that the Arlie Rufus is going to comment on this terrible incident. After all, if not for the grace of God and some good hearts, Arlie Rufus would not be here to bring attention to those without a voice. Arlie Rufus is not here to rip Mike Vick apart before his day in court. Despite the dubious way this country’s justice department has been managed for the past few years, Arlie Rufus believes in the system and that all are innocent until proven guilty. Arlie Rufus is here to rip the freaks and psychopaths who revel in the barbaric, so-called “sport” of dog fighting. The events described in the indictment are terrible, as is what Arlie Rufus has discovered about dog fighting – that this “entertainment” is actually about sick, twisted, selfish pleasure, petty bets and chump change “prize” money. In a country where we have an abundance of legal and non-sadistic ways to entertain ourselves, there are some who actually believe the fighting to the death of two terrorized dogs is a premiere form of entertainment. Have these Godless people completely lost touch with their humanity? Have they returned to barbarian days of old when fighting to the death was put in coliseums? Some took a cheap shot at Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia for his speech on the senate floor when he labeled dog fighting barbaric. Those who poked fun at Senator Byrd should also be ashamed of themselves. His term barbaric was on the money! Whoever committed the crimes in Virginia and those engaged in dog fighting are sadistic barbarians who should be strung up in the town square.

Let Arlie Rufus make it clear – football, the Falcons and Vick are a favorite of this Atlanta resident. Sundays (and now Monday nights from time to time thanks to the excitement of Mike) are tremendously exciting thanks to seeing Mike and the birds on the field. Arlie Rufus enjoys kicking back on the couch and pulling the Falcons on to victory. But there is now a cloud – a cloud that sickens so many. Arlie Rufus knows with no uncertainty -- all dogs want and need are love and affection – and to be a part of a pack. And in return, these four-legged friends will give the same back. So Arlie Rufus is asking all of you who read this – and I hope that includes Mike Vick – to take this opportunity to bring attention to our four-legged friends. Support your local Humane Society (http://www.hsus.org/) and the no-kill animal shelters in your community. When you are out shopping near a local pet store or grocery store and you see those wonderful volunteers trying to find a home for the beautiful pets on display – considering adopting one. And if you cannot adopt, donate your time or money to help a homeless pet find a home. We (and this includes you Mike Vick and the Falcons) have a rare opportunity to make great strides in the adoption of pets across this country. This issue gives us light to tell the story about the neglected, abandoned and yes, unfortunately, tortured pets. Let’s not waste this opportunity. Instead of protesting at the Falcons and NFL headquarters, use the time to volunteer at an animal shelter. Instead of spending money to buy poster board and markers to make a sign, donate the dollars to a local humane society or animal shelter (email me if you want the names of shelters in your area…it would be my pleasure to assist arlierufus@yahoo.com). And this plea does not go out to just the protesters of Mike Vick, but to his supporters as well. If you have the time and money to hold a sign for hours in front of a headquarters, you have the time and money to help a pet get care and find a home – think about it!

We have seen our country go through so much pain in recent years. Some pain that could have been avoided (Iraq) and some that we hope taught us all about humanity (Katrina and the Gulf Coast). We are certain to face more challenges, and yes pain, in the years to come. But let us not inflict upon defenseless animals such a tragic fate. Let us instead show compassion to pets of all kinds and allow them to give all of us the love that fills their hearts. Do not let this opportunity pass.

Arlie Rufuswww.myspace.com/arlierufus

Monday, July 30, 2007

When the Beautiful Game transcends Sports

It is quite rare when a sporting event transcends the world of entertainment, sports fans, analysts, and monopolistic entities such as ESPN, but on Sunday was one such case. Iraq's national soccer team (a.k.a. the "Lions of the Two Rivers") beat Saudi Arabia 1-0 to win the 2007 Asian Cup and complete one of sport's great fairytale Cinderella stories. This is the first time Iraq has ever won the Asian tournament. At the start of the Asian Cup, Iraq was regarded as having little or no chance to compete because of their supposed lack of chemistry due to the diverse make up of the team, which included Kurds, Sunni and Shi'ite.

After the victory this glimmer of hope comes to a country that has been divided by war. After the game, Iraq's captain, who scored the game winner, Younis Mahmoud called for the United States to withdraw its troops from his nation. "I want America to go out," he said. "Today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but out. I wish the American people didn't invade Iraq and, hopefully, it will be over soon." Coach Jorvan Vieira said "I have worked my best to give happiness to the Iraqi people, to bring a warm smile to their lips and my mission is accomplished, the satisfaction is doubled when you can get this cup and you bring happiness for a country, not just a team. It's more important than anything." The Brazilian coach resigned after the game.

Several players including the captain did not return to Iraq to celebrate due to fear of their safety. Mahmoud said "I don't want the Iraqi people to be angry with me, if I go back with the team, anybody could kill me or try to hurt me." This comes after about 50 people were killed in Iraq after they beat the Koreans in the semifinal. It is very sad that horrible people took advantage of a large innocent celebration, but hopefully the celebration following the final was a great change to the terrible daily violence.

Events such as these demonstrate the power and importance of sports and more specifically the world's most popular game, soccer. I truly wish that we as Americans could experience something like this, where at a certain point in time nothing else matters to everyone in the entire country, where everyone is united and watching their team represent the country and making them proud. People in Iraq don't have the luxury to care about ridiculously irrelevant news like what Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, or any other celebrity's daily routines are, they have to worry about whether or not they and their loved ones are going to make it through the day alive. For a sport to have the power to bring this sort of happiness to a people who live in a country as devastated as Iraq, even if for a short period of time, shows the significance and importance of the beautiful game. Watch Soccer.

"The players have made us proud, not the greedy politicians," said Sabah Shaiyal, a 43-year-old police officer in Baghdad. "Once again, our national team has shown that there is only one, united Iraq."

Good Pics

The NFL (Vick), the NBA (Donaghy), MLB (Bonds), and the Tour de France (Rasmussen) are all embroiled in scandal. Oh yeah, and ALBERTO GONZALES.

Big Shot Bob

Charles Hayden

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Filipino Inmates Do "Thriller"

I know what your thinking, and the answer is yes, there are many more of these with other songs. I just don't know if they are bored and do this to entertain themselves or if the prison forces them to do this to make money or something... crazy to think about. Dancing is a sport right?? Is this even real?

Family Guy Jesus Golf


Monday, July 23, 2007

Good Quotes

"Growing up means giving up everything that makes you happy"
- Marge Simpson

"When I met David Beckham I didn't know whether to shake his hand or lick his face”
-Robin Williams

"I've always believed that paradise will have my favorite beer on tap”
-Rudyard Wheatley quotes

"With or without Vick, Atlanta's Atlanta, ... It's not Michael Vick that we have to beat. It's the Atlanta Falcons.”
-Fred Thomas

"Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer.”
-Dave Barry quotes

"My message to (commissioner) David Stern is get some people in there that understand the game and don't try to take over the ... game because people pay good money to see good athletes play.”

"I think that David Stern is probably the greatest commissioner that any sport has ever had in the history of this country.”
-Bill Russell

"No matter if you like Barry Bonds or not, he has a lot of guts to be going through what he's going through right now."
-Donald Trump

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Family Guy - Stewie and Olivia - Couple Fight

So, so, so true.

Stewie Trains for the Olympics - Family guy

More Daily Show / Stephen Colbert Nonsense: Funny & True

Stephen Colbert's Four Horsemen of the A-Pop-Calypse
First Horseman: Television -- Shaq, you may be an athlete and a role model for kids, but you've got more important people counting on you: your corporate sponsors.
Second Horseman: Music -- Hey Sinead O'Connor, what are you charging for your new record? Thirty pieces of silver?
Third Horseman: Books -- Stephen's got an advance copy of Harry Potter, and spoiler alert: Hermione's a dude, Voldemort is the ghost of Harry's father, whose real name was Rosebud, and on the last page Harry wakes up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette.
Fourth Horseman: Movies -- Thanks, Hollywood, for teaching our children that in the face of danger they can just sit back and wait to be saved by a bunch of overgrown toaster-ovens.

Jon Stewart on the former EPA chief's belief there were no health hazards at Ground Zero:
"There is one thing in Christine Todd Whitman's defense, you have to remember she had just come off being Governor of New Jersey. Now, I'm from New Jersey. It has its charms, but I'm pretty sure she's got a pretty high threshold for toxic environments."

From the writers of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Blow For Giuliani:

Giuliani's campaign recently suffered a blow when a top adviser in South Carolina was charged with cocaine distribution. Of course, the real question remains, was he at least under forty? Because as I understand it, the rule is, all the coke you do before the age of forty can be written off to "youthful indiscretions."
Thomas Ravenel, a top advisor to Giuliani in South Carolina, was recently charged with cocaine distribution, though the US attorney handling the case concluded that the large quantity of cocaine in Ravenel's possession was obtained with the intent to share with other people, not to sell. Well, I guess that's one way to drive down the high cost of prescription drugs.

Christopher Walken on The Daily Show

Monday, July 16, 2007

Friday the 13th javelin accident

Well, if you haven't looked under the sports category on youtube this past weekend you have not seen the incredibly horrible javelin accident at the Rome Golden League games on Friday the 13th, every single one of the "most watched today" is this javelin thing. I wanted to put the video up, but decided against it due to the fact that I do not know the condition of the long jumper who got hit, but I just wanted to say something about this situation.

I sincerely hope the guy that got hit is o.k. and I believe that he is, but seriously, people need to realize the historic purpose of the javelin, which is literally "the name of a pole weapon designed primarily for casting as a ranged weapon" The javelin is meant to maim, gash, slash, stab, hurt pierce, puncture, and wound; it has been for thousands of years. I don't know about you, but if someone was throwing one of these weapons as hard and far as they could and I was within say 500 feet, you can bet that I'd be paying attention.

I'm not saying that the guy who got hit by the javelin is in the wrong. All I'm saying is that I've seen people get hit with javelins before (sports bloopers) at Olympic-style games, and I just don't understand why anyone that is within 100 feet of this hurled weapon wouldn't be paying attention to where the spear-like object is going to land. I honestly hope the guy is o.k., but if anyone is throwing a similar object to what Gallic, Roman, and Greek cavalry used to soften enemies before a frontal attack then I am watching, for sure. I mean, seriously... it's a javelin.

Running of the Bulls Encierro 12 July 2007 Pamplona Spain 2

The annual "Running of the Bulls" happened in Spain on Thursday and if this isn't a sport then I don't know what is... this is crazy. It's even better because there are announcers. What an amazing event.

Tony Stewart likes Schlitz

Tony Stewart won the USG Sheetrock 400 at Chicagoland Speedway on Sunday. In his post-race press conference Stewart said "I have a case of Schlitz at home and I fully intend to get to the bottom of the cardboard box." All I can say is awesome. I can't think of anything better to celebrate a victory with than a cardboard box full of Schlitz. Nice.

Side note: I love that this race is sponsored by sheetrock.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

USA vs Uruguay fight

Remember, USA takes on Austria on Saturday in the quarter finals. WATCH.

Ray Hudson Hates Celebrity Gossip

A little old, but amazing.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

NBA Referee Joey Crawford Reinstated

According to Basketball News and Hoops World, NBA Ref Joey Crawford has been reinstated into the NBA by David Stern. This comes as a surprise because Crawford said that even if he was reinstated by Stern he would never referee another NBA game.

A flurry of publicity surrounded the suspension of NBA referee following a showdown with San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan. It was with much less fanfare that Crawford was reinstated. Basketball News has learned that NBA Commissioner David Stern, satisfied that Crawford has learned his lesson, has reinstated one of the NBA's most respected referees. Crawford was suspended for the season after he had words with Duncan and then ejected him during an emotionally-charged game in Dallas against the Mavericks. Duncan was fined $25,000 for his part in the incident. "Especially in light of similar prior acts by this official, a significant suspension is warranted," Stern said at the time. "Although Joey is consistently rated as one of our top referees, he must be held accountable for his actions on the floor, and we will have further discussions with him following the season to be sure he understands his responsibilities."Now an agreement has been reached, and Crawford will once again patrol the NBA hardwoods.
Here is a good quote by Joey C. about this situation given when he got suspended for the rest of the season, "I told him (Stern) I would throw Duncan out again if he did what he did,” Crawford wrote. “So if my employer does not think that was acceptable, then I have a problem.” And remember this one about Dick Bavetta from ESPN's insider:

"Crawford also blasted fellow referee Dick Bavetta in the e-mail obtained by ESPN.com, hinting at divisions among referees between those who do and don’t support Bavetta and writing that maybe Bavetta will wind up as the crew chief in Game 7 of the NBA “which is a travesty in itself you even being in the finals.”
What a great man, I can't wait for him to be back in the NBA throwing players out of games, especially throwing superstars out for laughing. Joey Crawford to Tim Duncan... "you wanna fight about it..."

USA beats Uruguay 2 - 1 to advance in the U-20 World Cup

Yesterday was supposedly the "worst day of the year in sports" according to to several places and blogs, most significantly over at deadspin. They had a post called the "The Doggest Day of Summer, which said that "[they] are fully wrapped up in the most boring day of sports. No sports today..." Are they serious? I know that there wasn't any crazy hot dog eating contests or sideshows of this nature, but come on. Is soccer really that irrelevant in America that people would rather talk about hobo Olympics and food eating contests than the most beautiful game in the world?

Sorry that Deadspin or most other blogs did not notice, but yesterday the US youth Men's National Team played against Uruguay in the round of sixteen in the U-20 World Cup and came from behind to beat them in exciting and stunning fashion.

- Michael Bradley scored in the 107th minute, and the United States rallied past Uruguay 2-1 Wednesday night to advance to the quarterfinals of the FIFA Under-20 World Cup. The United States, seeking its first title, plays Saturday against Austria, which defeated Gambia 2-1. Luis Suarez put Uruguay ahead in the 73rd minute, scoring on a rebound after Edinson Cavani's header was stopped by diving American goalkeeper Brian Perk, who couldn't hold onto the ball. The United States tied the score in the 87th minute when Danny Szetela's cross intended for Andre Akpan was deflected into the net by Uruguayan defender Mathias Cardaccio. Bradley, son of U.S. national team coach Bob Bradley, redirected the go-ahead goal past goalkeeper Yonatan Irrazabal in overtime following a corner kick. "It said a lot about the character of the team," captain Freddy Adu said. "We never quit, we never quit." When the game ended, players from both team shouted at each other and pointed fingers. The Americans dismissed it as emotions running high. "Not a big deal," Bradley said. The Uruguayan coach skipped the post-match news conference. U.S. forward Josmer Altidore left the game in the 51st minute after getting hurt in a tangle with Martin Caceres.

Go USA! We are now in the quarter finals. If you haven't been watching up until this point, you should, but you might have to catch the games on a Spanish channel such as Gala-vision. Also, Mexico played Argentina in the Copa America Semifinals yesterday. I guess that this also does not count as a sport either ever though some of the most popular and exciting athletes in the world were participating... WATCH SOCCER NOT HOT DOG EATING CONTESTS.

Lionel Messi Goal Against Mexico - Copa America Semifinal

Bill Maas is Peter Griffen from Family Guy

Family Guy - Ireland before Alcohol

Tarp Owns the Phillies Field Crew

Straight AZN: the best street soccer freestyler

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Big Lebowski: The Best Sports Movie of All Time and you know that Nobody f*cks with the Jesus!

TCU Horned Frogs Football Preview with G-Pat, Tommy B, Chase Ortiz & Dick Bumpas

I know it is a little early, but I am just getting excited about college football already. In particular, my Alma Mater, Texas Christian University. Gary Patterson was actually on a local radio show here in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex today and discussed his team, the season, and their goals. I couldn't help but get extremely excited. Anyways, here is my preview...

TCU Football 2007 schedule:
Sept. 1, 2007 Baylor
Sept. 8, 2007 Texas
Sept. 13, 2007 Air Force
Sept. 22, 2007 SMU
Sept. 29, 2007 Colorado State
Oct. 6, 2007 Wyoming
Oct. 13, 2007 Stanford
Oct. 18, 2007 Utah
Nov. 3, 2007 New Mexico
Nov. 8, 2007 Brigham Young
Nov. 17, 2007 UNLV
Nov. 24, 2007 San Diego St.

Anyone see that second game of the season... oh yeah, we are going to completely ruin UT's season just like we did to OU.

Also, if you don't know the name yet, remember it... Tommy Blake. Blake is an amazing pass rusher and can also drop into coverage. He has a little defensive end in him as well as outside linebacker, and remember G-Pat coached Brian Urlacher in his day. He will be an amazing NFL player and go in the first round. Blake, a preseason Playboy and Athlon All-American, is on watch lists for the Rotary Lombardi Award, Nagurski Trophy, Bednarik Award, Lott Trophy as well as the Ted Hendricks Defensive End of the Year Award. Tabbed the State's Defensive Player of the Year by Dave Campbell's Texas Football, Blake has also been named the Mountain West Conference Defensive Player of the Year by The Sporting News. By the way, he is going to rip and pound Colt McCoy's head and face.

But, what makes Blake even better is that he has Chase Ortiz on the other side of the line. Ortiz, a senior from League City, Texas, was the 2005 MWC leader in tackles for a loss (14.0) and sacks (9.0). He also appears on watch lists for the Lombardi Award, Nagurski Trophy, Bednarik Award as well as the Ted Hendricks Defensive End of the Year Award. By the way, TCU is the only team that has two players on the Ted Hendricks Defensive End of the Year Award watch list and that says a lot. TCU has nine returning starters on the defensive side of the ball... WATCH OUT UT!! FOR REAL.

Lastly, our defensive coordinator's name is Dick Bumpas. That's right Dick Bumpas.

I think Colt McCoy and UT are just about ready for a MUSTACHE RIDE BABY!!!! Yeahh Boiii.

Yi Jianlian Buzzer Beater Game Winner against Cleveland Cavs

Cleveland gets owned by the bank shot again... it probably reminds them of getting owned by Duncan and the Spurs in the NBA finals

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

George W. Bush Impersonation

Courtesy bigshottexas.blogspot.com

Victoria Beckham on reality TV

According to NBC, they will be airing a one hour special reality show on Victoria Beckham and her daily life, I guess, and they are calling it the "Normal Life." Hmmm... wasn't there another reality show that sounded like this... with another incredibly skinny... awkwardly crack-head looking celebrity... oh yeah, Paris Hilton's "Simple Life." Oh Becks... why are you letting this happen? He must be the most whipped man on the planet, but then again I don't blame him.

...and in other news... this is hilarious... Beckham denied an item in Sunday's Los Angeles Times that said her husband gifted her with a $1.8 million diamond-encrusted sex toy when their third son was born...
Also, Beckham... trust me... you need to stop hanging out with Tom Cruise or you will become part of his Scientology cult and probably be involved in some mass suicide sometime in the near future.

However, all jokes aside, I do sincerely hope that Beckham makes a huge impact on soccer in the United States. It is about time that we caught up with the rest of the world. Soccer is the most beautiful and most popular game in the world and the US has only hit the tip of the iceberg, all of you soccer lovers out there know what I'm saying. Why do we as Americans say the game is boring???? The one and only rebuttal to this that I have is... WE WATCH BASEBALL! Don't get me wrong I like baseball, but my point is that how can we say that the most exciting game in the world is less exciting than a four hour baseball game with about 20 minutes of action... America, it's time you watch the real football.

Don't forget:
Tuesday and Wednesday final four of the Copa America (Mex - Arg and Uru - Bra)
Wednesday Under 20 World Cup (USA vs. Uruguay) in the round of sixteen


Dan Patrick Leaves ESPN

Peace out Danny Boy. I actually really like Dan Patrick and grew up with him as the face of ESPN's SportsCenter, which he was probably the best anchor. Even though his radio show sometimes gets boring, I know that if I am by a radio and he is on I will undoubtedly listen. I have to say, though, I am kind of glad he is leaving. Not for the fact that ESPN will be better without him, they will not, but he will definitely be better without them.

NEW YORK (AP) - Dan Patrick is leaving ESPN after 18 years, insisting there is no acrimony but saying he was beginning to take his job for granted. The former SportsCenter anchor announced his decision on his radio show Monday and said his final show will be Aug. 17. Patrick said he hoped to continue working in radio but wasn't sure if he would do any more television.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Suazo vs Brazil Copa America

Even though Chile got owned by Brasil 6-1 one... this was an amazing goal... straight up megged a defender and than beautiful placement with the chip shot

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Brazil 1-2 USA (World Cup U-20)


Copa America 2007 | Argentina-Paraguay 1-0: Mascherano goal

...and that's why he plays for Liverpool... Filthy placement

Carlos Tevez moving to Manchester United

Are you serious? I mean, are you cereal? Carlos Tevez, the Argentine striker is moving to Man. United... I knew he was a stinking red devil... thank god he'll be with his own kind... because Sir Alex is a vampire. But, sparing all the hate... this is a ridiculously incredible move. Man United needs another striker desperately to go next to Wayne Rooney. We saw this during the middle of last season when Henrick Larsson gave them such a lift and was a huge reason why they won the Premiership title. This deal with Tevez is only a loan at first, but has an option to sign a three-year deal after that. West Ham, where tevez curently plays, will be sure to get a hefty transfer and loan fee from United for the move.

LONDON (AP) - Carlos Tevez is due to undergo a medical in Venezuela as Manchester United close in on an initial two-year loan deal for the West Ham striker. If all goes to plan, an announcement a deal has been agreed between Tevez's adviser Kia Joorabchian and the Premier League champions could be made later on Friday. It is understood from sources close to the discussions that Tevez will initially join United on loan with the option of a permanent three-year deal worth in excess of £30million after that. Tevez is currently in Venezuela on Copa America duty and played in Argentina's win over Paraguay on Thursday night. The plan is for Tevez to join Manchester United on their pre-season tour to American once the Copa America is over. West Ham are believed to be in line for a compensation payment for releasing Tevez's registration to Manchester United.
... And ladies and gentlemen... the Red Devils just became more evil...

Friday, July 6, 2007

Fernando Torres Welcome to Liverpool Compilation

You'll never walk alone

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Freddy Adu (USA - Poland) (2nd goal)

Freddy Adu (USA - Poland) (1st goal)

Clay Aiken at MLS game FC Dallas vs. Chivas USA MLS July 4th 2007

Tomorrow evening FC Dallas is going to be taking on Chivas USA in MLS action on July 4th 2007 at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, TX. Now, stay with me a second because this is amazing...

My friends and I finally have a day where we can all go out to the park and watch some good ol' MLS action because obviously we all have July 4th off and some of my friends usually work night jobs so we can't go on weekends and what have you. So, we all plan on going to see Chivas USA take on FC Dallas, probably about a week ago in advance. Sounds great, everyone is ready to go, and we think we can obviously buy tickets at the door because it never sells out, even though it's July 4th and they will most likely have a fireworks display at the conclusion of the evening. Not so fast!

One of my friends, thank god, is curious and ends up looking and ticket prices online to see how much we will have to pay because he had never been before. So, here is the terrifically horrible part, it ends up that after the MLS game there is a post game concert and (obligatory) fireworks display and that one can not attend the game unless you pay for the entire event, which ranges from $50 down to about $25. Now, although $25 is not a lot more than the usually, say $10-15, but there is the catch... you know who is performing... Clay "WTF" Aiken.

Thank you so much MLS, I love you, there is no one I would rather spend July 4th with than the ambiguously gay solo who looks like a twelve year old girl... are you serious? Are you trying to get people to come watch MLS games and become fans of the game or make them run away in horror because they would be paying to hear Aiken's singing, which sounds like someone is raping a Muppet.

It truly enrages me that the MLS is ignoring the true fans in situations such as these. The David Beckham situation is quite similar in that when L.A. Galaxy comes to town you can't go unless you buy 50 tickets and $20 a piece or something ridiculous like that. MLS... just let the fans go to the games and don't make the tickets always have some crazy catch... Clay Aiken... WOW.

Freddy Adu scores hat trick against Poland

Freddy Adu just completed an amazing hat trick against Poland in the 2007 U-20 World Cup in Canada... I am looking for the video, which will be up later... two of his goals are unreal... if anyone finds it send it to me... thanks

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ronaldo on Simpsons

How about a lecture from Ronaldo. Expose floppers. There is no place for them in the beautiful game... and I'm looking at you every country other than the U.S. Another family broken up by Ronaldo... I've taught you well... too well


Desperate Houswife Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Just days before she becomes a real-life married woman, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria takes a happy stroll along the beach in St Tropez. Longoria and fiance Tony Parker were on their respective 'his' and 'hers' bachelor parties in the French millionaire's playground -before they head to Paris for their highly anticipated nuptials.

The couple are staying with friends in the very select beachfront hotel Chateau de la Messardiere. On their first night in St Tropez, the couple were seen at trendy hot-spot Les Caves du Roy until the early hours. The couple also held an exclusive party at the V.I.P. Room for their bachelor parties. The club was split in two: Tony and his pals partied on one side while Eva and her gals lived it up on the opposite side of the spot.

The guest list included Jamie Foxx (one of Eva's favourite singers) and the evening's entertainment featured performances by hip-hop artists Cut Killer and MC Big Ali from New York City. Eva displayed little sign of pre-wedding nerves as she strolled along the french beaches, joking with friends and looking sultry as ever in an electric blue bikini. Eva and Parker, who plays basketball for the San Antonio Spurs, are marrying on 7-7-7 at the 17th Century Chateau Vaux-le- Vicomte in Southern France - where Kirsten Dunst's Marie Antoinette film was shot. Parker has booked Lionel Richie and Jamie Foxx to perform at the ceremony. It's the second time this month that Lionel has filled the role as wedding singer – he recently sang at the big day of English captain John Terry. Other guests at their big day will include Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones and Eva's Desperate Housewives co-stars - including Marcia Cross, who will make the trip to France despite giving birth to twins in February. The castle will close its grounds to the public for the first time ever. The couple have hired the entire Chateau for 6 and 7 July and their guests have been invited to stay in the numerous bedrooms and private apartments on the grounds.

USA vs Paraguay Copa America

USA lost to Paraguay 3-1 on Monday. The scoreline is quite deceiving to how close the game actually was. Paraguay scored their third goal in the 94th minute on a awarded free kick that was a complete dive. The USA had so many chances in this game and more shots and shots on goal than Paraguay. Their chances were so clear too, some of the ones missed were complete freebies. Towards the end of the game after a USA player missed a complete open header at the top of the six yard box announcer Ray Hudson, who was obviously in favor of the US, finally gave in and said, "this is absolutely pathetic," and it was. In addition, Paraguay's goals were not earned, they were given to them by the US defense and goal keeping.

"We gave them too many easy chances. When you give good teams and good players easy chances, they're going to beat you," said Kasey Keller, the veteran U.S. goalkeeper. "But this is why we're here to give these young guys experience. Unfortunately, sometimes you need to make mistakes to learn."

Keller was slow on getting to both the balls that eventually went into the back of "the old onion-bag." Keller brings up a the idea that we brought all of these "young guys" to the Copa America to make them more experienced and this is something that I have been angry about all week after seeing the squad coach Bob Bradley announced for the 2007 Copa America. I understand that none of our veteran players refused to play and I understand we are trying to make our young boys more experienced. If this is the case... then where is Bocanegra... where is Dempsey or Onyewu... or Tim Howard instead of the old and slow (even though I love him) Kasey Kelly... all of these players are young and will be on our 2010 World Cup team. I know none of our players refused to play on the squad like Kaka and Ronaldinho did for Brasil, but we still could have had our entire "young" squad down there playing and gaining team chemistry in an hostile environment, which we desperately need.

The fact is that the USA doesn't care about this tournament. They won the CONCACAF Gold Cup and that is apparently enough to make everyone happy and keep Bob Bradley's job safe. As long as we won the Gold Cup, which is basically put on by the US in the US, everything is good... but it really isn't because our global reputation as a respectable football team is steadily declining and it makes me angry because I know that if we were at full strength we could take on anyone in the world. I really wish we took this tournament more seriously even though I know a lot of our young guys are getting vital experience and showing the hearts of gladiators.

Source: AP

Monday, July 2, 2007

Did Buford want to trade Duncan for # 1 Oden?

Today Truehoop writes about a very interesting topic from Oregonlive.com article, which talks about the offers Portland Trailblazers GM Pritchard was getting before the draft for the number one pick where they would for sure take Greg Oden of Ohio State. Here is a little bit of the peice... it is very interesting...

... shocking offer Pritchard reportedly got at the draft combine: "Sitting high in the stands at the Milk House arena where the marginal prospects scrimmaged -- far from the courtside seats Pritchard so preferred -- Pritchard that morning was approached by a general manager of a Western Conference power. With bright lights illuminating the court below, Pritchard sat in a darkened corner with the general manager. The general manager wanted the Blazers' No. 1 pick. And he was willing to offer a player that will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer." I have heard this story more than once too, and once again I think you can figure it out. "A Western Conference power?" What's that, like Dallas, Phoenix, and San Antonio? You know we're not talking about Steve Nash 'cause the Suns' whole system only works with him. And at this point I'd say it's a stretch to call Dirk Nowitzki a sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Famer. So ... you're a smart kid. You figure it out. If it's true, that's shocking, right? I heard this rumor more than once before the draft, but never in a way that makes me feel certain it's true. It could have been a rumor started in Portland to drive up the value of the top overall pick...

Well the only first-ballot hall-of-famer here is Tim Duncan... are they trying to say that R.C. Buford was trying to trade Duncan for Oden on the eve of the draft. That's insane, it goes completely against what the Spurs organization is all about. Although Oden would carry one's franchise for over decade, that would be no reason to trade Tim Duncan, the best power forward of all time at age 31 in the middle of his prime (my opinion).

Well, maybe he was talking about Dirk or Nash, but Dirk isn't a first-ballot HOF (my opinion) and Nash is the Sun's whole team... and they both suck, just kidding. Anyways, there is no way the Spurs are trading Duncan, but it is very intriguing to think that Buford might have been talking to Portland for this deal to happen before the draft... I think it's total lunacy and probably completely made up, but that's just me.

San Antonio Spurs interested in Grant Hill

Spurs fans it is time to be excited again. According to the San Antonio Express News...

The San Antonio Spurs are planning to speak with veteran free-agent forward Grant Hill of the Orlando Magic. Hill, who will turn 35 near the start of training camp, hasn't ruled out returning to Orlando, but also has made it clear he would like to play for a championship contender. He averaged 14.4 points, 3.6 rebounds and 30.9 minutes while shooting 51.8 percent in 65 games last season.
That's right... that is right... as a Spurs fan I sincerely hope we pick up Grant Hill... he would be perfect. The Spurs need that small forward to come off the bench and back up the Bruce Bowens of the world and actually make a substantial difference on both sides of the ball. I know that it might not happen, but I would love to see Hill come to San Antonio get a championship and I don't think anyone would disagree with me on that one. He is one of the estimable class-acts in the NBA.
Anyone else want a championship.... that's right... come to the Spurs baby!!!

Kaka Compilation

One of the best players in the world... by far... I hope we get to see him in action in the Copa America...

Michelle Wie withdraws

Oh man... Michelle Wie don't make me bring back this...

That's right Wie... you look like Dr. Beeker.

Maybe that's why you with drew form the 2007 U.S. Women's Open... or maybe you should take some time off go home and do high school stuff... or stay one of the biggest jokes in sports... it's whatever... anyways... This is what happened...

Wie, who shot a first-round 82, was at 6-over through the back nine when she sent her tee shot on No. 1 into the left rough. Immediately after striking her second shot, she approached USGA personnel and walked off the course. "I just kind of woke up, and it was really sore," Wie said. "But it was OK. It held up. ... I tweaked it. And then after that it kind of went downhill. I don't remember hurting this much again."

Well it's official... I hate her... she doesn't even have a concept of space and time. Well, I know it's a shame I think she's a golf annoyance, but it's true... she is way too immature for the game... "I mean oh my god I like sooo hurt my wrist so I can like not play anymore, I don't remember hurting this much again." Please do us all a favor and go enjoy a normal 17 year old's summer life and sleep until noon and work at sonic, actually you might hurt yourself with skates on.... Just please go awhile for at least a couple of years... It is really sad that the only reason anyone talks about Women's golf is to make you a huge irrelevant joke....

Detroit Tiger's player takes it right in the cup