Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Victoria Beckham on reality TV

According to NBC, they will be airing a one hour special reality show on Victoria Beckham and her daily life, I guess, and they are calling it the "Normal Life." Hmmm... wasn't there another reality show that sounded like this... with another incredibly skinny... awkwardly crack-head looking celebrity... oh yeah, Paris Hilton's "Simple Life." Oh Becks... why are you letting this happen? He must be the most whipped man on the planet, but then again I don't blame him.

...and in other news... this is hilarious... Beckham denied an item in Sunday's Los Angeles Times that said her husband gifted her with a $1.8 million diamond-encrusted sex toy when their third son was born...
Also, Beckham... trust me... you need to stop hanging out with Tom Cruise or you will become part of his Scientology cult and probably be involved in some mass suicide sometime in the near future.

However, all jokes aside, I do sincerely hope that Beckham makes a huge impact on soccer in the United States. It is about time that we caught up with the rest of the world. Soccer is the most beautiful and most popular game in the world and the US has only hit the tip of the iceberg, all of you soccer lovers out there know what I'm saying. Why do we as Americans say the game is boring???? The one and only rebuttal to this that I have is... WE WATCH BASEBALL! Don't get me wrong I like baseball, but my point is that how can we say that the most exciting game in the world is less exciting than a four hour baseball game with about 20 minutes of action... America, it's time you watch the real football.

Don't forget:
Tuesday and Wednesday final four of the Copa America (Mex - Arg and Uru - Bra)
Wednesday Under 20 World Cup (USA vs. Uruguay) in the round of sixteen



Cousins of Ron Mexico said...

Heineken, my man. Yourself?

Also, Victoria Beckham's Diamond Encrusted Sex Toy would make for a hell of a blog title. That's just my opinion.

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