Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Clay Aiken at MLS game FC Dallas vs. Chivas USA MLS July 4th 2007

Tomorrow evening FC Dallas is going to be taking on Chivas USA in MLS action on July 4th 2007 at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, TX. Now, stay with me a second because this is amazing...

My friends and I finally have a day where we can all go out to the park and watch some good ol' MLS action because obviously we all have July 4th off and some of my friends usually work night jobs so we can't go on weekends and what have you. So, we all plan on going to see Chivas USA take on FC Dallas, probably about a week ago in advance. Sounds great, everyone is ready to go, and we think we can obviously buy tickets at the door because it never sells out, even though it's July 4th and they will most likely have a fireworks display at the conclusion of the evening. Not so fast!

One of my friends, thank god, is curious and ends up looking and ticket prices online to see how much we will have to pay because he had never been before. So, here is the terrifically horrible part, it ends up that after the MLS game there is a post game concert and (obligatory) fireworks display and that one can not attend the game unless you pay for the entire event, which ranges from $50 down to about $25. Now, although $25 is not a lot more than the usually, say $10-15, but there is the catch... you know who is performing... Clay "WTF" Aiken.

Thank you so much MLS, I love you, there is no one I would rather spend July 4th with than the ambiguously gay solo who looks like a twelve year old girl... are you serious? Are you trying to get people to come watch MLS games and become fans of the game or make them run away in horror because they would be paying to hear Aiken's singing, which sounds like someone is raping a Muppet.

It truly enrages me that the MLS is ignoring the true fans in situations such as these. The David Beckham situation is quite similar in that when L.A. Galaxy comes to town you can't go unless you buy 50 tickets and $20 a piece or something ridiculous like that. MLS... just let the fans go to the games and don't make the tickets always have some crazy catch... Clay Aiken... WOW.


Ash said...

Enraged ? True fans ? Don't have a coronary , dude .
Um ...I do believe that this event is for families to have some fun together and celebrate the nation's birthday . The symphony program and fireworks should be spectacular .
Be patient. For the next game it can be all about you again .

Aaron S said...

hahahahah.... man I want to meet anyone who thinks "F'd in the A" Aiken's "Symphony" program would be spectacular... thanks man, my friends and I just died laughing... I needed that

Aaron S said...

oh yeah.. and all it is going to be is Clay Aiken performing in fron tof about 5,000 mexicans

Dan said...

Get over it man. The guy is good.

mojotek said...

Did someone say "The guy is good"? Really? I don't think I'd want him to be a role model of any kind.

That really blows about MLS trying to pull such stunts to "force" true fans into other buying opportunities. They really need to foster growing their fan base instead of trying to make money at this point. It's not like they have the following of other major league sports in the U.S.