Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funniest video ever?

Mark Sanchez Gets Payback On Pete Carroll For Leaving School Early

Now that Pete Carroll is going back to the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks after coaching for nine years in USC, Mark Sanchez decided to make a joke about it since he was exactly in that position when last year season was over, which considering he is in one of the most stressful moment of the season speak really well of the rookie.

The Super Bowl odds for the Jets to win the big game are 40/1 right now and despite Rex Ryan is really confident about archiving it –or least his mouth is - nobody in the history of this game have ever won the title with a rookie QB.

Sanchez will probably have opportunities to meet against the Carroll in the field in the future but looking smooth as he is right know is a good sign for the Jets fans as they might start dreaming if the Jets upset the Chargers this week.