Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bigger Tool: Joe Theisman or Al Michaels??

It is going to be a close call, lets do some analysis...

First in the tool bag is this man, Joe Theisman.
Recently, Joe Theisman said the following about the new ESPN Monday Night Football announcing crew...
[MNF] “become a three-hour Tony Kornheiser show. When I was let go, they explained they wanted more of an issue show and less about football. They’ve accomplished that.”
OK! We get it Joe, you are mad and bitter because a non-athletic, yet smart and witty personality "stole" your NFL announcing gig that you were never actually any good at doing. I don't know which is more pathetic, that you are still handing out cheap shots and complaining about your former colleagues who out-performed you at every possible moment or the fact that you being a former NFL star quarterback couldn't even prevent you from losing your job to someone who has never played an NFL down and is that much more knowledgeable about the game than yourself.

Next... Underneath Theisman in the tool bag, one will find Al Michaels...

Can someone please shoot Al Michaels? Please?
I swear to God is I have to go through another Sunday Night Football game when New Orleans is playing and listen to Michaels say New Or-lee-anns over and over again I think I might throw something through the T.V. set. I would love to be in NBC's production room and watch everyone cringe during the hundreds of times Michaels butchers the pronunciation of New Orleans.

I am sure someone has been like, "hey, Michaels, maybe today, if you don't feel like being an asshole, you could actually pronounce the name of the city who's team has been on national T.V. like a million times since hurricane Katrina correctly? Maybe?"

In a likely response, Michaels probably says,"hahaha, NO! F*** You B*tches, I'm AL Michaels, motha f'er."

I don't know what else could be going on at NBC, seriously.

"New Or-lee-anns, New Or-lee-anns, New Or-lee-anns, New Or-lee-anns, New Or-lee-anns..."

I think we have a tie... Joe Theisman and Al Michaels are both massive tools, yet I'll give Michaels the slight edge because he still has a job and a medium to annoy me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Schmuck --- Michaels pronounces it exactly right. You're the tool, you jerkoff.