Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How can football sound so dirty and baseball so dumb?

10. "When sholder goes down the umph goes South."- Verne Lundquist

9. "South Florida will be replaced in the 2-hole." Brent Musberger (Via Gangsta D)

8. "They gave up 31 points to Troy and Brad Pitt wasn't the coach of that team."- Lee Corso

7. "Good timeout by Penn State...you may catch them in a ball handling situation."- Andre Ware

6. "The guys say he is so precious with the young boys."- Holly Rowe (Via Gangsta D)

5. "Think about playing quarterback here at USC: Carson Palmer wins a Heisman, Matt Leinart wins a Heisman, John David Booty has played very well, and now Mark Sanchez. It's like going out as a runway model after Heidi Klum." - Pat Haden (Via S2N)

4. "That one looked like you were ordering an omelet at breakfast it was so open."- Gary Danielson

3. "If he bobbles the ball at all, and it falls incomplete, it's over. You leave a timeout in your bag, the season — done." — Mike Patrick, in the final seconds of LSU's victory

2. Bob Griese made reference to Brad Nessler's pink tie. Nessler says "Thank you, it's for breast awareness month." (Via Corey)

1. “You finally shaved it off do you feel naked right now?”- Pam Ward

And more....

"Also, Andre Johnson not playing for the Texans, it could be a long day for David Carr and that cast." - Keyshawn Johnson (Carr, not really with the Texans)

"Tom Brady's touchdown passes are having babies, he went from 22 to 23." - Dan Dierdorf

Now, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver

"These teams have played over 243 games this year"- Tim McCarver (162 x 2 = 324)

"Keys to the game: "The team that breathes easiest wins."- Tim McCarver (Could you elaborate a bit Tim?)

"Two nations hanging on every pitch from Daisuke Matsuzaka.....Red Sox Nation and Japan."- Joe Buck"

In a two-strike count...the advantage goes to the pitcher."- Tim McCarver

"Catchers don't catch pitches that get hit."- Tim McCarver

"Ortiz has holes to fill, and he has filled them, he used to only come outside, but he can come inside as well now." Tim McCarver in reference to Ortiz's swing in the past compared to the present

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