Friday, May 25, 2007

Well TNT Fails Again

Ok TNT, I get it. I get that the play by Lebron at the end of game on of the Eastern Conference Finals was a big deal and we need to talk about it over and over and over again until we kill it, but here is one thing I just do not understand. Tonite, during the game two pre-game they (Barkley, Magic, Kenny Smith) failed to mention anything about that dirty play by Lebron James when he came down on Chris Webber with an elbow after a jump shoot.

So, let me get this straight. It's ok to focus on how "dirty" Bruce Bowen and the San Antonio Spurs are and the plays that they did in the series against the Suns, which are just as bad as what Lebron did to Webber, but when its Lebron, "the face of the NBA," they are afraid to even discuss the play. Maybe it's because Chris Webber took the shot like a man and didn't really complain about it while Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns whined like little babies and focused more on how the Spurs were being "dirty" (actually beating them down physically) than how they were playing the game of basketball.

Magic Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley are the biggest tools I have ever seen. They were so quick to talk about plays that Spur's players did (Bowen and Horry) and not Lebron, even when they were less than or equal to the dirtiness of what Lebron did, a "Kobe!" Now, I know the Pistons took it more like men then the Suns, but just because Steve Nash and Stoude-whiner complained more than they beat the Spurs doesn't mean that the media can not be objective and discuss something negative that the NBA poster-boy did (which should have earned him a suspension). WAY TO GO TNT. Extra note: Ernie Johnson was not the host tonite on TNT, it was some other guy, maybe he would have said something. Then again the NBA probably told them not to because it might have tarnished Lebron's image as the NBA's face.

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