Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today in Sports Nonsense

Why do crazy things happen in the hotels the Spurs have been staying in at road playoff games??? [THE SPURS KILLED A MAN (PROBABLY)]

Story in Game four [Frustrated Jazz Fan Throws Spare Wife Onto Court & Suckling at the Power Teat: Spurs Ready for Finals] a lot different than game three [Well, that was predictable]of the NBA Western Conference Finals... Greg Popovich is a mastermind genius, by the way. And a loser Utah Jazz fan's take on the whole deal (stop throwing crap on the court) [http://www.basketballjohn.com/2007/05/29/recap-san-antonio-spurs-utah-jazz-game-4-utah-fans-turn-into-soccer-hooligans/] and the [Salt Lake City news take] and finally a note to the FTT crew... I think you are right " if these guys weren't wearing your laundry, [I'd] pretty much hate them too, right?"... you might have somthing there [30 to 14, Or How The NBA Can't Take Off The Tin Foil Hats]

Come on Mark Jackson... Don't fall in love with Deron Williams yet [Entry Link]

Hancock family is being ridiculous [Hancock Family Sues the Entire City of St. Louis]... check this out really funny Simpson's clip... great

[Lakers' Owner Jerry Buss Goes Paris Hilton, Gets Arrested for DUI]

OVER-RATED [Andy Roddick Bounced Early From French Open Again]

(NOT ABOUT SPORTS)... Jon (from the Daily Show) on Russia's return to form:
"Over the last few months, as we've seen Russia commit political assassinations, suppress its media and rig elections, I can't help but think: they're back, baby! Do you think they'd want to get in the Cold War again with us -- because that war was awesome!"... nice

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