Tuesday, May 22, 2007

LeDirk James

LeDirk James, oh oh... I must have meant Lebron James. I mean, I guess I have just been getting the two (Dirk and Lebron) confused lately because they both have been showing some similar characteristics, that being non-clutch. Last night, the Cavs were trailing the Pistons by two points in the last seconds of game one in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals and Lebron decided to pass the ball to Marshall for an open three when he was driving to a practically open basket. We all know that Marshall missed the basket and the Cavs ended up losing.

Today, Lebron has been getting bashed by the media for not taking the shot and being a clutch playoff player, he ended up with 10 points. However, we all need to remember that if Marshall had made the three we would all be talking about how non-selfish Lebron is because he would have ended up with a triple double, being that Marshall's shot would've been Lebron's 10th assist, and the Cavs probably would've won. Well... coulda, shoulda, woulda... Cavs lost and Ledirk James isn't looking so hot right now. Why couldn't Marshall take into account Lebron's legacy before the shot? Geez!

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