Thursday, May 24, 2007

Great Pics

(Yao Giving Birth)

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Erik said...

you know aaron, as more people complain about the spurs - jazz series being extremely boring, I am coming up with two thoughts:

1. Game 5 was an obvious example of a problem that Phoenix, in 3 years time, hasn't addressed, their lack of a bench. I mean, it's tough to listen to people say that Nash and Co. was worn down from Game 4 because they only had a 6 man rotation. Well no shit. I know it's the playoffs and less people play, but come on. This seems to be a result of them not developing any players past the 7-8th spot on their bench. Tough shit.

2. I feel like the Conference Finals that everyone finds boring is a direct result of everyone's dream series where the Mavs lost to GS. Once GS won, it was obvious that either Houston or Utah was going to be in the Finals because GS hadn't had much success against anyone other than Dallas. So to me, what would you rather have? A opening round series with a historical upset or a Conference Finals that was going to lopsided no matter if it was SA or Phoenix playing the Houston/Utah winner.

Fuck people who are giving up on the NBA because the Spurs won and the East sucks. If this was Jordan's Bulls or the Lakers of 00-02, this would be considered one of the greatest playoff runs going that could one day be one of the best teams to win the championship. Then again, I don't give a fuck because I'll get to wear another Spurs NBA champion tshirt and tell Mavs fans that they suck. I love life.