Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The NBA Lottery

The NBA Lottery was held tonight and neither the Memphis Grizzlies or the Boston Celtics were granted the top one or two picks. This meaning that neither would get the prizes of NCAA stars Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. The first pick went to Portland followed by Seattle then Atlanta, then... oh who cares. I believe this is deserved by Memphis and Boston because both of them definitely dropped games towards the end of the season to increase their odds of getting the top draft pick... well didn't quite work out.

David Stern gave his input, as well, this evening on a number of issues including the NBA Lottery and the suspension handed out during the Western Conference semifinals. Stern said about the lottery,

"I haven't spoken to a lot of owners," Stern said. "On the end of the season and what teams do competitively, I think we should look at the lottery system and see whether it can be improved. I believe that."

Others were also passionite about the lottery,

"It's a system that favors teams to not win games," Philadelphia 76ers president and general manager Billy King said. "I think any time you have a system like that, it's not good for the league. It's something I'm sure that will be brought up and discussed and debated."

Then Stern spoke about the suspensions,

"I've been commissioner for 25 years almost," Stern said. "...You enforce the rules as you see them. And one of reasons the rule is in effect is that we guard zealously the court. We want our fans to be able to have the best seat in sports and we want them to feel safe."

I don't really know where to end this, obviously it's not going to be on a high note, but go NBA... I guess.

Oh yeah... and first pick is definitely Greg Oden and the west is just going to keep getting stronger, being that Portland and Seattle have the first two picks. Spurs still dominate though.

AP Source: [David Stern defends suspension rules, but wants to examine lottery]

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