Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Whooooo North Texas Super Bowl

Well, good ol' Jerry Jones is gonna be puttin' on a show in 2011 in the new Dallas Cows' stadium in Arlington (in between Fort Worth and Dallas). The Votes are in and North Texas has the 2011 Super Bowl, most likely due to the strings Jerry pulls with big league owners and league officials as well as the possible revenue due to the amazing new stadium. I wonder what the half time show is going to look like? I'm assuming that they're going to perpetuate the ongoing stereotype of all Texans wearing cowboy hats and big ol' boots... that just sounds fun right.... I can't wait until this whole metroplex (I live in Dallas / Fort Worth) is overrun by the nation's finest.... GET 'ER DONE!!!!!

With this "victory" for Nor Tex, somebody has to lose... [Indianapolis Loses Super Bowl... 45]

This is how excited the "chicken fried nation" (DFW) is...[NORTH TEXAS WILL HOST SUPER BOWL IN 2011!]

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