Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Dreaded 2-3-2

I just want to take a second to talk a little crap about the format of the NBA Finals, which is 2-3-2. Meaning that the home court advantage team gets the first two games at home and the last two, if the series goes to seven games. So, is this really home court advantage? Personally I wouldn't want to be the home team because if home court stays true, the home team will be facing an elimination game during game six.

Every other series in the NBA playoffs is in a 2-2-1-1-1 format. In this case, if home court stays true, the only elimination game the home team will face is game seven. So, why does the NBA do this. There are several theories, but the only one that is valid is the reason of the sports media. When the format is 2-3-2 they only have to make two trips from city to city.

I think this is total crap. For example, I believe one of the main reasons why the Dallas Mavericks lost the NBA Finals last year to the Miami Heat is because of the format of the series. Everyone won their respective home games... (games one-five) and then the Mavs faced an elimination game in game six. We all know that game five of an NBA playoff series is the most crucial when the series is close and especially when is is tied 2-2 and in the NBA Finals this (game 5) is not on the home team's court like every other series. But I guess we have to cater to the worthless media. I know it's tough for them to travel... Another one of David Stern's brilliant ideas.

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