Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cristiano Ronaldo and his man-purse

2007 English FA "Footballer of the Year" Cristiano Ronaldo was seen making an appearance at a fashion show in Portugal. I don't think I know of a male athlete that loves himself as much as Ronaldo. Fellow Manchester United teammate, Patrice Evra, revealed an embarrassing secret about Ronaldo, claiming that the Portuguese winger suffers from narcissism: “Cristiano makes me laugh because he is the only one to have his personal mirror in the dressing room. He spends hours doing his hair and putting on his gel. He loves his body.”'s had this take:

The best soccer player the planet may have to offer frequently wears tiny
swimming trunks, seemingly always finds himself poolside and shirtless with a
bunch of dudes, and he may or may not have a personal mirror in the dressing room. And here, we find Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo wearing a mustard yellow leather jacket, studded with diamonds. There appears to be more hair gel than necessary.
I'll admit though, he is an incredible football player and is the sole reason why Man United won the Barclay's English Premier League.
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Anonymous said...

Christiano is GOD!

baby girl said...

well he loves his body, i love his body and many girls (and guys) around the world love his body, so i don't see the problem

SCHARL said...

does anyone know what he uses for his hair??? thxx alot

Anonymous said...