Thursday, June 7, 2007


So this is the logo that was released earlier this week for the 2012 Olympics in London. What are they eating over there? I mean, are you serious? They probably paid some guy six digits and this is what he came up with. Check out how happy he is about it...

Well... not as happy as some... the mayor of London said... (from the Mirror)

London mayor Ken Livingstone is said to be furious at the cost and design of the brand. A source said: "Ken called it the no-go logo and thought it was a big waste of money."

According to several sources the logo also caused a few epileptic seizures... wow... I don't think there is anything else that would be a bigger clue that this is possibly the worst graphic design disaster in... well... history. Good god, what is in the water over there? Another critic said: "It looks like some sort of comical sex act between the Simpsons." I don't know where to end this, but I guess... I can't wait for some more curling... oh wait, that's the winter Olympics. Cheerio.

Sources: Mirror, 2012 London Olympics

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