Monday, June 4, 2007

Billy Donovan is a Punk!

Well we now have a new member of the "flip-flop club." This, of course, is the one and only two-time NCAA basketball champion coach of the Florida Gators (maybe) Billy Donovan. Three days ago Donovan signed a five-year $27.5 million contract with the NBA's Orlando Magic and now says he wants to get out of that contract to go back to coach the Gators. The Magic can either let him do this or not and make him pay a substantial fine.

So, who can trust Donovan at this point? The Orlando Magic? No. The Florida Gators? No. The NBA, NCAA, or the recruits coming to Florida University? No, no, and no. So why are we letting Donovan get away with this?

Earlier this year and the second half of last year we scrutinized several coaches throughout collegiate and professional sports for backing out of contracts and making controversial moves to different teams. For example, when Nick Saban went to Alabama football from the Miami Dolphins (after he said he wouldn't of course) there were many people ready to call him "Nick Satan." Other notables include Billy Gillispie going from Texas A&M to Kentucky basketball.

We can't let Donovan off the hook here. Today, on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN, Dan talked about this and wasn't nearly as heated up as he was on the other coaches. Why does Donovan get a pass? I don't care if he is having second thoughts and a change of heart about his decision. If you have these second thoughts don't sign a contract with a different team a screw two organizations and a lot of young basketball players.

This move by Donovan shows that he has no class and that he doesn't even know what he really wants. I am also extremely disappointed in the sports media coverage on this topic because they are letting Donovan get away with this without the scrutinization they have given to other coaches that have done the exact same thing. WELCOME TO THE FLIP-FLOP CLUB BILLY YOU PUNK!!!


Garrett said...

Donovan definitely didn't increase his fan base in Orlando over the weekend. I read somewhere that 200-300 season tickets were sold immediately after accepting the Magic job. I thought he was crazy to leave Florida to begin with. He has 2 rings and he is only 42. He could establish a "Coach K" type legacy at Florida if he stays. This is the first time I think I have ever seen Donovan unsure of himself.

Aaron S said...

totally agree... i think it was more like 2,000 season tickets were sold... just some more people he screwed... I hate him and Florida U