Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Comment from a loser Arsenal fan

From Erik...(about Henry possibly leaving North London)

No way does Henry leave Emirates. Despite being injured for more than half the year, Arsenal still finished in Champions League placing in the Premiership without any real problem. They have great young talent: Rosicky and Cesc, and still have Gilberto and Lehman to back him up. Arsenal will be fine next year and will hopefully challenge the Devils and v*gina blues for the cup.

Though Barca is not doing poorly, they are many pegs down from the incredible season they experienced last year. However, losing Eto for a majority of the season could be pointed to, they still crashed out of the Champions League and have been conceding ground to a Real team that still isn't great.

He should stay at Arsenal and remain a demigod there to the fans. As long as Arsene is there, he won't leave. Besides, how much would English football suck if we just had to watch man U and Chelsea play all the time.

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