Thursday, August 23, 2007

Starbury thinks dog fighting is a sport

The NBA's Stephon Marbury supports Michael Vick and dog fighting because ya know "all 'roun' tha world peapa stil' support Mike Vick," ya know what I'm saying?

(Fox Sports) - Embattled Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick has a friend — and fellow doggie dis-respecter — in Stephon Marbury.

"I think we don't say anything about people who shoot deer or shoot other animals," the Knick point guard told Capital News 9, an Albany TV station. "You know, from what I understand, dogfighting is a sport. It's just behind closed doors."
Hahahahhahahha..... Starbury... WTF? This is coming from a dude who also thinks that he is the best and most talented point guard in the NBA. This is just too funny and ironic. Starbury could possibly be the most ignorant, arrogant, non-talented jew-tool in history. Dog fighting is a sport... WHAT?!?!?!?!... JUST SHUT UP!


James said...

Marbury is fuckin ridiculous. Im not trying to sound racist here, but I mean Im just so sick of these famous black atheletes and members of the fuckin NAACP coming out and supporting Vick just because he is a black man in trouble. I would love to ask these people if they would have the same love and respect for Jerry Seinfeld if he had been accused of dogfighting. I bet they would support him too, after all, its the dogfighting these fucking ignorant assholes love right? not the black man doin it. May Vick rot in a fuckin jailcell, and if the NFL ever allows this man back, then they are just as fucking stupid.

Animal Chaplain said...

As the Chair of Animal, I have been horrified to learn about dogfighting and the cruel torturing, maiming, and killing that takes place in it. I am saddened that celebrities like athlete Michael Vick and rapper DMX have been implicated in such unbelievably bloody crimes.

Like humans, animals are sentient beings who feel pain. We are instructed by all of the worlds major faiths to care for animals in responsible, loving ways. It is our moral and spiritual obligation to protect them. Please join us on October 4th, 2007, in cities all around the world to celebrate "World Animal Day". On that day, animals will be blessed and honored, and we will hopefully all realize how lucky we are to have them in our world. For more information, search on the words "World Animal Day" for a celebration near you.

Nancy J. Cronk
Founder, Chair and Chaplain
Interfaith Association of Animal Chaplains