Friday, August 24, 2007

"American goalkeeper Kasey Keller joins Premier League team Fulham"

WHOOO HOOO! One more American in the Barclay's Premier League. Oh wait. It is Kasey Keller and he isn't even the U.S. Men's National Team number one goalkeeper anymore.

LONDON (AP) -- United States goalkeeper Kasey Keller has joined Premier League team Fulham and could make his first start Saturday. He becomes the fourth American on the team, joining defender Carlos Bocanegra, midfielder Clint Dempsey and injured captain Brian McBride.

Tony Warner had been playing in the goal for Fulham during the first three, but seriously has been doing horrible. Warner is basically the reason for two of Fulham's loses this year after mishandling balls on two different opposing goals in two separate games.

I hope Kasey Keller does well because I like to see Americans do well abroad, but honestly I don't think he will do all that great. He will do better than pathetic Warner, but Keller looked pretty slow himself for the U.S. National Team during their short stead in this year's Copa America.

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