Friday, August 17, 2007

Fergie the Vampire Whines about Ronaldo

Here is what Sir Alex Ferguson (a.k.a. the red devil vampire) said...

'My fear is, and I don't whether there is a directive, but maybe referees are a bit more tolerant of the physical contact'
'I've noticed this in the last few months -- late challenges are going unpunished. I thought these things were black and white. Late challenges are not allowed.

'We saw it again on Wednesday night, the referee letting it go unpunished time and time again. If you have got weak referees then you are going to be suffering.'
'There is a concern players like Ronaldo are going to be the victims... because it will end up with someone getting a serious injury.'

'It's very difficult to completely punish Ronaldo or be angry with him,' Ferguson said. 'Some of the things that are happening to him are not right.' 'We are dropping points and that's frustrating because the performance levels were very good.'

'The important thing is just to be patient now.
'The players will come right. It's frustrating, but it's recoverable of course.'


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