Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Whoopi Goldberg defends Michael Vick

HAHA... WOW... here we go again...

(AP) - So much for the sedate alternative to Rosie O'Donnell on "The View." Whoopi Goldberg used her first day on the daytime chat show Tuesday to defend football star Michael Vick in his dogfighting case. Goldberg said that "from where he comes from" in the South, dogfighting isn't that unusual. It's like cockfighting in Puerto Rico," she said. "There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of the country."

In the Vick discussion, Goldberg served notice that she won't shy away from controversy.
Co-host Joy Behar looked horrified at Goldberg. "How about dog torture and dog murdering?" Behar asked. "For many people, dogs are sport, Goldberg replied, and it appeared it took awhile for Vick to realize that he was up against serious charges. I just thought it was interesting, because it seemed like a light went off in his head when he realized this was something that the entire country didn't appreciate," she said.

Sweet Jesus. I don't about you, but there are so many that I can not even count the number of fallacies Goldberg uses in her argument to defend Michael Vick. Hmmm, lets see, so, I guess if you come from "the South" (i guess Virginia counts) you are allowed and basically expected to be cool with and participate in dogfighting. I realize that there are "certain things that are indicative to certain parts of the country," but if these "things" are innately horrific and inhumane they should not be defended by anyone with half a brain. So, this excludes Whoopi.

Also, Whoopi, way to basically stereotype an entire country. I guess if you are Puerto Rican you must be a huge cockfighting fan... haha... typing this makes me laugh because this generalized notion by a "respected" person is so ridiculous it is almost inconceivable. It is actually incredibly racist. Way to go Whoopi... way... to... go...

And for you Puerto Ricans out there... enjoy the cockfight tonight. Good God.

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