Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mike Vick fails drug test, no one is surprised

Mike Vick failed a drug test recently, for marijuana... I guess the results were just made public. He took this test around September 12th or so, right in the middle of the dog fighting scandal.

You know, I wouldn't really care if say he failed a drug test for weed when this dog fighting thing wasn't going on, but seriously... come on. This proves that Michael Vick is a complete (f-word) idiot. Why in the world would you be taking or smoking anything during a federal indictment.

Think about it... think about what he was going through his head when he said to himself, "aw, it's tight, it's just a federal indictment, let's go get high." Seriously. It doesn't take that long for pot to get out of your system, so he had to have smoked during the indictment. It's Insane.

I understand that people want to forgive him and I support that, but if you don't think Michael Vick is one the biggest wastes of talent because of completely moronic decisions, that are actually amazingly mind blowing, the gene pool would be better without you.

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Big Red said...

Agreed...Vick is a total f-ing moron. Seriously, was anyone actually surprised that Vick smoked weed.