Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Daily Show and Larry Wilmore tell black people why it is ok that OJ Simpson is guilty

Sorry about all the video posts lately, I've just been busy with grad school. About OJ: I really think he did this stunt to sell his book that just came out and make some more money. He does have some hefty fines / fees to pay from a certain civil case about a decade ago. I mean, why would there have been a video of the deal and why would one of the "victims" already said he wasn't going to press charges. It is a set up I tell you. Anyways OJ sucks and Ill leave you with an amazing quote about him.

Charlie Murphy: "The first thing I seen is O.J. Simpson, and I remember thinking to myself 'wow, that's O.J. Simpson, he has a big fucking head, man' "

Charlie Murphy's true Hollywood stories

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