Friday, November 20, 2009

Henry handball, soccer still behind rest of the world of sports

Henry is a cheating bastard...

Originally he said he only handled the ball accidentally but later admitted he intentionally did it and it is the refs fault for not making the correct call. One, he is kind of right, although didn't really help his case admitted he is a large doucher.

I know this sucks for Ireland, being it the biggest game in their country's history and all, but it might be good for the game of soccer as a whole in terms of video replays. It is time. It is time to stop saying for tradition and other BS reasons why video replay shouldn't be implemented into the game. It is the slowest game ever, who cares if it slows it down.

Whatever... I don't feel like talking about this anymore. I love soccer and now hate Henry and France. Screw soccer.

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