Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pablo gets a taco and Corso shoots his wad

Great quotes this week..... I want to knee cap you

"Arkansas shot their wad last week."- Lee Corso

"Where's Juan Pablo Montoya?....perhaps he's out getting a taco"- Bob Griese

"That is a phone booth fight. What would you do in a phone booth fight."- Chris Spielman
"I would knee cap you."- Dave Pasch

"Randy Edsall going for it on third-and-3."- Clay Matvick

"This is the point in the game where they squeeze the life out of you, like a python wrapped around your body" - Doc Walker (via JGreul)

"Ron Guenther the Illinois A.D. said Ron Turner will be the head coach next year"- Pam Ward
"U mean Ron Zook"- Ray Bentley
"Oh yea, Ron Zook, Ron Turner is the other Ron"- Pam Ward

Via AA

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