Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Superbowl quotes

Top 10 Quotes:

10. "If he'd had to held the ball any longer than he did there."- Troy Aikman

9. "Maroney set it up with a 43 yard kick return.......What set it up, the pass interference on Pierce. Patriots lead by four."- Joe Buck

8. "I've had enough of it. I want to give these New England Patriots that trophy tonight to shut that bunch up down in Miami up."- Terry Bradshaw

7. "Mark this down in your diary."- Joe Buck on the Giants' twelve men on the field penalty (he actually made me laugh with this one)

6. "He throwed it up there."- Troy Aikman

5. "We may not be the best announcers out there but our truck does that stuff the best."- Joe Buck

4. "Pretend you're going after Tom Brady's girlfriend back there. Whatever helps."- Jimmy Johnson

3. "When looking at that piece of tape one thing is apparent. Just how butt ugly I am."- Terry Bradshaw

2. "Another Malibu's Most Wanted."- Howie Long when describing the pregame rapper (my personnal favorite)

1. "Hey Seacrest, the only time I thought I'd see you at a Super Bowl man would be as a cheerleader."- Terry Bradshaw

Also, if anyone saw the ESPN postgame and Emmitt Smith tear it up... it was bruttle... at one point he actually said "that got debacled" referring to the Pats as well as saying he was going to "tilt his cap" to the Giants


Megan said...

I love your blog Aaron. I check it everyday.

Anonymous said...

you should start writing about the spurs, i find that your basketball acumen is fantastic and I crave it daily, please, please, start writing about the spurs. bruce bowen.