Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"People in the West are getting stronger because of the Spurs''

I just got an email from a true Spurs fan...

Hey homo,
I ran across this quote, pretty much everything we have been saying, yet no one in the media has the balls to say the moves are made to counter Timmy and the Spurs. Surprising it came from Tim's arch nemesis:

"People in the West are getting stronger because of the Spurs,'' Kevin Garnett told USA Today. "The Spurs are the best team in the league. You don't have to go by records; they're the champions. Phoenix made their move because of the Spurs. I think the Lakers made their moves because of the Spurs.''

The link is here:

I still don't understand the fact that no one has mentioned this yet, and if they have, why they didn't make a bigger deal out of it. The Suns, God rest their souls, went for Shaq to take on Timmeh, but now that allows Bruce to spend all his time on Nash, and Tony can play on Bell and since all he does is shoot 3's, our defensive game just got easier!

I mean, this deal still looks retarded to me. The Mavs deal, still don't know why they would go for this. People are saying that they weren't going to win this year with this crew, but I have to disagree. Even though I hate the team, they still had the nucleus of 3 years that knew how to win, despite the losses in the playoffs and the subsequent challenge of their mental capacity (which I think is way overblown), this was a good team that had just as much chance to win as any of the other teams, especially when it comes to playing us. The Lakers however scare me, not sure how that is going to work out for us, gotta wait until our first game with them. Anyway, peace biotch.


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