Thursday, November 1, 2007

Popovich has become NBA's Bill Belichick

Great article by Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports about how Greg Popovich has become NBA's Bill Belichick

His superstar, Tim Duncan, had left $11 million on the negotiating table with his contract extension, passing on max-out money so the Spurs could surround him with championship talent well into his mid-30s. This was a Brady-esque move for the New England Patriots of the NBA, one that reaffirms for basketball's Belichick why he's the most blessed sideline soul in the sport.

By the way, what kind of superstar would you have on your team? The Tim Duncans of the world who get it and put their team before themselves or the greedy A-Rods of the world of who only care about themselves and how much money they earn? That's why the Spurs are champions and why no one can question Tim Duncan's selfless greatness. Chuuuch.

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